[Project Announcement] steemticker-osx - A simple STEEM price ticker for OSX toolbar

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I have finished my first little project for the STEEM community. It is for mac users to easily stay up to date on the price of STEEM in their toolbar. The price ticker pulls data from Poloniex, HitBTC and CoinDesk. It is a pretty simple project, but I will be sure to keep updating and improving it with new features and functionality. Despite its simplicity, I feel that it is extremely useful for the community.


Here are some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.42.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.41.50 AM.png

I hope that this project is useful to you. I am completely open to pull requests if anyone wants to contribute.

If you find this useful or helpful to you, please apply an upvote so all of the steemit community can see and use this project! I don't have a huge following on steemit, so I need your help with spreading this project to all who can be helped by it.

This project was created using python3 and it is licensed under the MIT License.

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Amazing utility, will there be anything for windows as well ?


Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I am looking into creating a similar application for Windows, but seeing that rumps is an OSX-specific python module, I would likely have to rewrite the majority of the code from scratch. I am definitely up for this and have tons of free time as my school year ended yesterday. I would definitely be interested in collaborating with others on this Windows version as I am very much used to working on a mac. Thank you again for the positive feedback about my application!


Good luck man, this is hard work and this deserves appreciation :)

I realize that I forgot to include the link: https://github.com/ZachC16/steemticker-osx

nice...you deserve upvote and resteem...

Thanks.. Will try.. Download now.

Ain't work. :/

And more .. "open terminal and navigate to the directory that ticker.py is located"
You say "navigate" .. How do you navigate in Terminal????

This is THE reason Crypto will and is hard to grow... One need to be a F hacker just to use the most simple things,
Like for many coins even the big one.. No GUI wallets.
If anyone want their product to be used today.. It need to be a GUI!!
Its 2017 .. Not 1979 this year .. We run Windows or MacOs.. Not DOS .


You don't appear to have python3 on installed your computer, as pip3 comes pre-installed with python3 99.9% of the time. Here is a tutorial to install it: http://www.marinamele.com/2014/07/install-python3-on-mac-os-x-and-use-virtualenv-and-virtualenvwrapper.html

Ignore the part of the tutorial about pyvenv, which is a module that is unnecessary for my program.

You navigate in terminal by typing:

cd (path of directory)

(The above does not include the parentheses)

While I agree with your point about cryptocurrency adoption, most people who use the computer for more than browsing the internet are familiar with these tasks, and if they aren't, it doesn't take more than a quick google search to complete them. And yes, while we don't run DOS anymore, no matter what the operating system or the technological advancements we make in personal computing, the command line will always be essential to the computer.