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With chainBB being one of my top priorities at the moment, I've been working slowly over the past couple weeks on some statistics to track the performance of all of these new apps/platforms coming out for the Steem blockchain. Today I'm happy enough with how it's turned out, so I've added the apps section to the block explorer I tinker with,

If you haven't been to in a long time... there's a lot that's changed this year. I haven't really written much about it simply because I've been busy actually working on other projects. But this I feel warrants a post since there's so much interest in Steem blockchain powered apps.

If you're app isn't included, or you want it included in the future when you launch, don't hesistate to reach out. The entire system is based off of the app tag standard within the json_metadata on posts, and also uses beneficiary rewards tracking.

With that being said, here's the link to the new section, which is also on the main menu of the site now:

and now onto a quick tour and explanation of these elements!

Graphing Dominance

The platform dominance graph shows where all of the posts on the Steem blockchain are coming from (which app) as a percentage. As you can see from the chart above, almost always 95%+ of the posts on the blockchain come from (the blue area).

You can click on the name of each platform in the legend of the chart to disable/enable it in the view. I'd recommend clicking on the first one (steemit) if you'd like to see how all the 3rd party platforms are performing, and the chart will look more like:

Rewards Generation for Users

This pie graph shows where users are earning the most rewards. Once again, you can see how dominate is in this metric, and clicking it's name in the legend will let you add/remove platforms from the view.

Beneficiaries Earned by platform

Some platforms take a percentage of post rewards to support their development. This percentage chart shows which of these platforms is earning what share of rewards based on it's user activity.

These numbers are reported as a percent on the sidebar, but have a tooltip representing VESTS generated if you hover over it.

NOTE: These rewards will be a little strange for the next 24 hours or so. I'm replaying the blockchain back from the block that Beneficiary Rewards were introduced to recapture all the data.

Recent Performance for each of the platforms

Below all of the charts you'll find a long list of data that represents a day-by-day view of all of the apps/platforms that participate in the Steem blockchain (and provide an app tag on the posts it generates).

The main columns from left to right are:

  • The date
  • The rewards on posts from this day
  • The total posts this day
  • A breakdown of the various reporting apps

The little breakdown table for each day (albeit not the prettiest) ranks each platform's performance for that day. It shows how many (and what percent) of posts were created via that platform and how high the rewards currently are.

You can also click on some of the names in this list to jump to a profile page for that app!

Platform Leaderboards (30-days)

Each platform is now getting a profile page and some various different sections with information. The navigation works a lot like the account navigation, with various buttons across the top to access different sections. More detailed breakdowns and sections will be added to these profile pages as I find time somehow to add them.

The homepage for each platform right now is the platform leaderboard.

This leaderboard will show the most prominent users on this platform and what their rewards have been over the last 30 days.

Benefactor Rewards

Much like your account page has an Author Rewards and Curation Rewards, these platforms have Benefactor Rewards pages to track the rewards they earn.

These are broken down by date, show the rewards earned, as well as the number of posts created by the user's of that particular platform.

Question: so, what do we call these new websites? Apps, Platforms, something else?

By the end of the year we will likely have a dozen or so major apps/platforms, all with slight variations, for users to choose from.

So what do we, as a community, want to call them? Apps seems a little broad, but a widely accepted term. Platforms seem technical but more accurate.

No matter what they're called, I'm incredibly excited to see how this all plays out. I've seen/heard so many different great ideas on how to use the steem blockchain and can't wait to see them developed. I also help by surfacing this data, we can encourage other developers to join existing projects or start their own!.

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Wow. This is awesome! You have spent a lot of energy and time into STEEM development. I know I could learn a ton from you. Thanks!

I think it would be fun to call them engines. Playing off the ideas of steam(STEEM) and they run on the blockchain.


Thanks much for posting this. I know it's not easy and time consuming to create these types of graphs and posts. As a new user to steemit and more recently esteem, I am excited to find out about more apps on the Steem platform. Thanks you for sharing!

You did some great research here! Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always nice to be updated about all the projects and options coming our way.

Thanks for all this info, still so much to explore!

Excellent work, you are probably the best developer in Steemit who makes a lot of contribution to the Steemit community and its development. I am a fans who appreciate your work, keep up! I like the term platform btw

so, what do we call these new websites

It's a bit long, but what about Integration or maybe Module? App is so universal though.

Thanks for putting this together and the data graphs. I'll have to look a bit harder when I have some free time as it's interesting to me to possibly build an app/integration. Cheers!

To see all these apps and ideas got implemented on the steem blockchain is so exciting - I have no real tech background to understand only 20% of it- but we trust you guys!

Glad to be here, glad to be with dev like you @jesta

Fantastic work @jesta - I will be for sure reaching out to you some time soon as I would like to start developing some apps soon.


Happy to answer questions! I'd also invite ya over to either the #steem-dev tag or the Steem Developers forum on chainBB to get involved!


Awesome. Thanks very much.. will check out both now. :)

thank you this is a mind boggling post.

wow more than 100k per day distributed to users!

apps is a good name.

That's all really interesting. I love deeper data like that.

These are some impressive and powerful tools for us all to be aware of, thank you so very much for sharing this with us, I'm mind-blown right now!

Awesome work!!! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Always to see how all the projects on Steem are doing. The next step will be to make knowledge of all this data so that people can make decision on where to invest time & money capital. We could run a risk of information and data overdose :)

If we can get STEEM in the news, we can get it over $5 each.

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And send them this:

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This is awesome. will be keeping a close eye on this

Congratulations @jesta!
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Excellent work. Thank you so much for all your hard work and time you devote to helping the steemit community.

Maybe we just need to have your brain in a jar next to some steemit witness nodes @jesta your physical carcass is getting in the way of your productivity get rid of it! It takes up too mch exttra energy and food and always having to shit and piss, we just need your brain hooked directly up to a rasberry pi!

haha but seriously i did notcie how ChainBB has an option to allow you to claim rewads ow!
Are those different rewards or same as in walet?


Yup - it does the same thing as clicking the "claim rewards" on!


Who's a good jesta ? Youre a good jesta !


@jesta, this is an amazing job , keep it up. People like you guys makes @steemit a great platform...keep p the good work-following you to see more.

I have came back to use steemdeb since 3 weeks ago... it is cool now... thank you for improvement. :)

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Upvoted,followed and resteem @jesta.. Looking forwars for more of you post

Thank you very much for the informative article

Oh dear! support steemit by holding steem !
Because it will definitely appreciate its value!

Great facts. I actually call them apps and it sounds good to me. I believe we will get more apps developed to suit the users

Really good! Man
Appreciate your work.

Amazing stuff, that would have required alot of energy and time. Its getting more exciting day by day.

I think steemit is going to be the next Facebook and who knows even bigger than Facebook in coming future

excelente trabajo muy creativo y felicidades por todo lo que saber hacer y desarrollar tus conociemientos y compartirlos con la comunidad

I love such summaries

Great design, awesome work! @jesta

This is amazing!
I prefer the term Platform. Can't wait to see what is about to come.

Very nice work @jesta I really still have so much to learn on Steem. The apps integration with one another is great and with this tracking we know what's the statistics report for each steem app.

Congrats! Also, happy to see steemcity included, although it's not even officially launched!

I think platform should be used and ppl will get use to it. These platforms are incredible and give steemit investors confidence moving forward. I do however need to do some more research on many of them. Im pretty pumped about it actually. Thanks for sharing :)

Really cool initiative, it is good to see some of STEEM development going on. On a side note I also like the idea of calling them engines. :)

WOW.. 💯 💯 💯 so exciting .. 💯

Thanks for sharing this jesta. Steemit is certainly dominating the scene.
Platform seems like the apt term.

Good morning.... big thumbs up and a follow!

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WoW! Excellent news @jesta Keep up the good work !

Excelente proyecto


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Hey - would you guys mind adding an app tag onto your bot?

chainBB's app tag added to the json_metadata looks like this:

    "format": "markdown+html",
    "app": "chainbb/0.2"

I use to see who is following me, but this page doesn't seem to work anymore: I get a http 500 error.
Just wanted to let you know.


Thanks! Should be working again.