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RE: Wiki: The wiki for Steemians (posted from ChainBB)

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This is a great initiative. I have an account create a couple of months ago, I think. I'll check in and see if I somehow can contribute. Not sure though since I'm not a specialist on Steemit nor Steem, but I know a few things. ChainBB I don't know at all, so the pleasure for the first article is for someone else :) The please for the first vote and comment to this post is mine! :)


I don't think knowledge of Steem or Steemit is a prerequisite. An eye for quality in a page layout, the ability to correct spelling and grammatical errors, or to improve and expand upon the language used. Any of these contributions will help. The main thing to realize is that it is a collaborative effort built upon small efforts from many people. Every contribution counts! We can attempt to reward those contributions in proportion to their efforts.

Understood, I think I know one thing or two + I can spot quality posts on Steemit and Steem topics as well. Although copy/paste would maybe fall under the category of plagiarism, I don't think it is a bad idea to start filling the Wiki. I've create myself 1 or 2 review on Steem Apps that could go into the Wiki as well. Soon I'll log in, maybe tomorrow, and try to create my first page.

Thank you, sir.

You are a man of inestimable character and quality.

Just created an account and posted chat to @someguy123 :) But I think tomorrow look at first page though, not tonight :)

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