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RE: Steem/US Dollar (STEEM/USD) Price Charts for Sep 8th 2017

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The economics behind STEEM is a bit hard to understand, but I like the concept, which is why I am here testing it out. The inflation introduced into the market and the power that a few whales hold to re-distribute that new money could have some undesirable consequences.


True, and we have seen some of that. But in the end the more stake you hold the more incentive you have to do what's best for the platform.

Over the last year we have seen a massive re-distribution of that stake as well..

There will always be big fish and little fish but i think Steemit has proven there is room for all of us. Welcome to Steemit !!

Thanks, I have already noticed caring more about the quality of my posts because of the incentive, which I find fascinating.