Unvote @fyrst-witness If you value steemit and transparency

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@fyrstikken or @fyrst-witness that is his witness account used to be my witness of choice. Things changed last year when he did a gigantic blunder when of disclosing the greed he possesses.

Bid bots was a novelty as of this time last year. If I remember correctly, @randowhale was the first iteration of its kind. But everything changed when delegation and hf 19 came about. And changed the lovely neighbors into greedy whale hunters.

The next iteration of a bid bot system was whaleshares. And as the lovely witness fyrstikken was, he had something to say about it:


It was just a matter of days before he launched his own bid bot called booster.

Ironic, isn't it?

It gets worse. Fyrstikken is one of the worst reward pool rapists if I ever saw one.

Enter @transparencybot

I was made aware of this bot a few weeks ago. It's a bot that breaks down what has been used to promote posts that exceeds 50 sbd and posts this breakdown as a comment. It does not do much else, except posting activity reports every day.

A good initiative to get a quick overview over where the gigantic upvotes comes from.

back to fyrstikken again

You know the noble guardian against rewardpool rape, according to his own words.

This is what he does:


Ironic isn't it? The guardian against rewardpool rape does what he can to protect rewardpool rape.

Do you like transparency and openness?

Than my clear recommendation is to unvote double talking witnesses like @fyrstikken or @fyrst-witness that is his witness account.

Instead I recommend looking through what @transparencybot does and give it some love from time to time.

#nobidbot #nobidbots


Thank you for the support and bringing this important issue to the forefront where it can be discussed and perhaps even solved, before it is too late.

@transparencybot also does random upvotes each day for authors and posts that have not used bidbots.

transparencybot also does random upvotes each day for authors and posts that have not used bidbots.

so does @booster, but your bot does not even see the difference between a paid upvote or a free upvote, there is no real calculation in your software, should we have 500 transparency bots for broke people to run? STEEM is already transparent, so stop this damn over exposure of information people already have better access to then what you deliver, which is a product forced upon us and not asked for.

Of Course people will buy upvotes, that is how you MINE this blockchain and get some coins.
Do you not understand the attention economy and blockchain yet? Then FORK STEEM and make your own chain with your own rules and see if you get any tracktion.

As a SP/"MINING-RIG-POWER" Owner of course I will either rent it out or use it myself. I too can decide to not give a fuck and just do like @haejin but instead I allow the public to use my SP to trend their posts for a free market valued fee (it is an open auction 10 times per day)

It is indeed a complex subject with many passionate view points.
Thank you for the reply!

Hmm, let me try to answer some of your key points, because I believe there must be a misunderstanding somewhere here.

  • The reason I flag @transparencybot is because I see it as a spam bot that give away the same information you can see by clicking on the votes button. It is a leach, even giving a shit upvote to people who do not use upvote bots and ask for support/begging for upvotes and delegation in return for its "service" that nobody has requested.

  • I was against Whaleshares because it uses a different blockchain creating a black market for vote buying/selling. @Booster is an example on how to do it the right way on the steem blockchain, transparent, even giving its own comment on posts it upvote. Would you rather pay people in Bitshares or Bitcoins for upvotes on a discord or telegram chat, is that what you advocating for, black market upvotes? Because that is what it sound to me you do.

  • Asking people to unvote/not vote for @fyrst-witness is your right to free speech, however I think you do not really know me, not updated on what I do, and that may be my fault, I am a pragmatic guy, so sometimes I just do and get things done and find more things to do, so please come as you are anonymous or known to http://steemspeak.com discord, maybe you will enjoy it.

Anyways, I wish you a great day.

Your credibility as a witness is forever tarnished after first bashing whaleshares just to launch another rewardpool rape.

I happened to trust and support your witnessing prior to it and I disagree that chain sugars the pill. I don't like either anyway.

Downvoting @transparencybot for "spam" is a lame excuse. This spam is rampant everywhere from other vendors. An example @steemitboard. I haven't heard one complaint about it and certainly not from you.

You're double talking, fyrstikken and I reiterate: unvote witnesses that sit on both sides of the table. To be fair, it's not only you, but that is a matter too large for a single blog.

Your credibility as a witness is forever tarnished after first bashing whaleshares just to launch another rewardpool rape.

Why don't you just tell me straight to my face that you want free upvotes for your shitposts and comments? Be honest! You are begging for free upvotes and that is the truth.

I'll tell you straight to your face, I don't want you as witness. That was the agenda. And as a public figure you should take it like a man, not in an ad hominem fashion like this.

I'll tell you straight to your face, I don't want you as witness. That was the agenda.

Congratulations, was it good for you to get out all that anger and frustration?

you should take it like a man

I should take it like a man? wow, you really ending this on a high note.

It's so annoying when people makde such an assumption - you are crying like a baby or, you want my upvote. That sort of weak come back is often a projection they are unwittingly revealing - so, nice catch on the ad hominem remark!!

much respect on posting something like this!

p.s., before anyone makes a claim I am not begging for an upvote ;-) I buy votes, I don't beg for them.

Can you manage to explain how this is "rewardpool rape"?
I know it's a stupid question, since you can't...but I would sure like to see it.

I'll leave that to @fyrstikken. It's his own term, not mine.

What I can do is to explain the underpinnings. Each day the blockchain generates a certain amount of steem power and steem dollars. These are the rewards you compete with other steemers to get as reward. Bid bots change this and it's not necessary to contribute to other steemers to get a reward. You can simply pay for it. This is done to huge pool owners who either has amassed their stake naturally or rent it. Also known as delegation.

This is what I see as reward pool rape. What fyrstikken does is beyond me. But the term stems from him, not me.

It's not raping the pool though....it's the stake that they have.
Are we calling it rape because it can be purchased instead of just giving it away manually....that would be more like prostitution.
There is ZERO rape of the reward pool though.
These bots are designed to run every 2.4 hours, 10 times a day....not abusing the daily votes provided to them at all.

Like I said, it's fyrstikkens own words, not mine. I would have to disagree with you on your simplistic view on bid bots. They are the death to steemit and makes a good idea irrelevant.

The way Whaleshares was set up would have been to join a black market voting club and establish a monopoly, of course I launched Booster and more than that, by choosing a great team player we were able to mass produce boosters so now there are hundreds of upvote bots and resteem bots. The alternative would have been one giant megabot ruled by one guy and a very small community. If you do not understand how free competition works, then please do us both a favor and read up on how markets work. I could not stop whaleshares from existing, but I could make a competitor and for that I feel very accomplished.


Have fun, use them, or do not use them, it is voluntary.

Speaking of "club". I think it's high time we shake up the witness club and get in new blood. Who has the platforms and its users best interest and not filling their own pockets. I would even pay them higher to see it happen.

So. You can go play with your booster now. I'm tired of your self-upvoted excuses to game the system that sadly allows it's own guardians to game it.

If the content is that good...someone should be willing to invest in it themselves and find that visibility.
Every great product in the world advertises, plot twist...so do shitty products.
Welcome to reality.
By the way...it's not a view...it's a fact.
That's how the system works, but that is how the majority of the bots operate.
Now, if all this stake was just voting for themselves, or if the bots were voting all the way down to 20% voting power...that would be rape.
That's simply not the case.
If you want to be upset that spammers and shitposters are benefiting from the sale of these votes...that's fine...but even that isn't raping the rewardpool.
Add to that, many of the bots are adapting to blacklisting and whitelisting....such as @therealwolf with @smartsteem, @minnowbooster, @themarkymark with @buildawhale, @yabapmatt with @postpromoter and numerous others.
Seems it's your "view" that is simplistic.

It makes the platform irrelevant for new users. Both readers and creators.

It is "My Opinion" that you are wrong.

It is also "My Opinion" that without the bid bots. There is ZERO reason for anyone to join this platform.

As it stands right now. In order to make any sort of money on the platform. You have to have a whale in your pocket, a la Haejin. Which is something that is out of the question for many new users.

However, now with the bots, new users have the ability to upvote their posts, make some money and gain visibility.

I would also like to point out that mathematically speaking. If someone is bid botting their content. And that content is shit. Then in the long run. They will not make money. No one is gonna follow shit posts or vote for them. Meaning that eventually the problem will solve itself.

If you could come up with a solution that solves the problem I'll be all ears. But until that time the bots are the best thing for the platform. Until whales get up and start helping the minnows gain traction.

With your opinion it is zero reason for me and others to spend time on it.

They are a free exchange between willing parties on a free market. What's the matter, can't compete in a free market?

Meanwhile, transparency bot is redundant, unsolicited spam that adds to blockchain bloat and operational costs for no good reason.

I flag it for the same reason. People like you and I that witness, run various types of the nodes and so forth, have to pay for more ram to support the system because of the increase of unnecessary, unsolicited spam.... you already explained why it's spam. I am just here to bump that reality for passersby.

He's raping the reward pool with a downvote from his witness account?

Please explain to me how that works.

He can't...he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about...hence the comparison to whaleshares and booster.

And changed the lovely neighbors into greedy whale hunters.

One sad fact about monetization of a media platform is that people will look at the value of your post based on the money before they open it. This is not always the case of course. Its nice to use a "self promotion/advertising" vote every once in a while to get the ball rolling. I believe that this is one of the reasons that someone might be justified in "self-voting". When your post hits the new block people systematically view a post that has a value attached.

I personally get offended when I don't get any votes, and so I go buy a vote and dust my hands off. It makes me feel like I have some control over what is going on with my steemit account. The idea that we shouldn't have the ability to "buy" a vote is a bit tyrannical.

You are painting a picture of @fyrst-witness that is inaccurate.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Here is my view on the bidbots:
The site was never about content, it has always been about stake.
The bid bots are the great equalizer which allows minnows and even dolphins and projects get visibility and they are giving large stake holders reasons to keep their stake in Steem. I see that as a win/win.

Prior to the bidbots it was extremely difficult to garner and keep attention and now anyone who is willing to invest can up their own visibility.
This gives everyone equal opportunity for visibility.

The transparency bot is bloating the blockchain with information that is easily available elsewhere.

I vote for fyrst-witness for witness.

This is very bad.
I do not know why.

hey,,,,funkit,,I was happy to post a beautiful post on my wife, so you have been given the Thank You.

Yeah. You are right its bad to see about the worst reward..

Looks like consensus below is you are off base, and not getting the results you wanted.

I think you need a solid course in free market voluntary exchanges.

Also a lesson in what constitutes a redundant, spam producing, block bloating, cost increasing, did I mention redundant, bots?

Somebody can not know what is Unvote.

Remove upvote that's unvote.

Since oddly nobody seems to be offering an opposing opinion, let me say this:

Everyone here talking about the ability that bid bots have for granting exposure for a fee are correct. It does level the playing field in that regard, and it works.

However, I would still consider it as reward pool rape. A paid promotion system whose money goes to bid bot delegators means that the same amount of money can't be used to assign value to actual value creating behavior (in my opinion, interactions between people, content creation and curation. Manual.)

I'll keep spreading this idea in any way I can, but we had an attempt at paid promotion. It didn't work. Because it was stupid to throw things in a tab nobody would actually click on. Put those promoted posts to work and merge it into high visibility feeds. Money for promotion goes to platform, not to bid bots. People who want exposure can pay for it. Win win.