Steem-Pocalypse S6D8R1 Strategy

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Yes it's true @dwells and clan have some RL things that will interfere with them putting on the outstanding strategy show for the rest of the season so I commented that I would post my thoughts. I won't say why because my 3 point strategy was given as an exclusive for the first show of the season so go check it out. I will say if you died last round season reason #1

If you've made it this far you probably don't need my help but I thought I would put it out there as I like to see and hear what others are thinking but I will not give away everything and I won't wreck the game by naming plants etc.

Not sure what @papa-pepper has against a guy named Tom but he shows up every season and yes the results rotate. If you can avoid him do so.

In order of preference:

  1. Option 6 - If you don't need food get going, although this may be the only chance for D8, your job is to survive
  2. Option 5 - last season Tom killed friendly steemians but he also had a sign that said "free food". He has been nice prior to last season to those who chose to be honest and announce themselves. This is a GOOD option and I and @drprepper are struggling with it.
  3. Option 4 - Probably bad but if you're scarred from last season try this but one of you will probably die if not both of you.
  4. Option 2 - see option 4
  5. Option 1 & 3 - Death by Tom

Good luck and may the options be in your favor.

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