Reversal of Pluto = Money & Power Games, Bang, Bang! - is this a Steem-pocalypse?

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Pluto is the planet associated with revolutions, upheaval, crisis and drama of all kinds. Steem-pocalypse anyone?

I’ve been working with Astrology since I was 9 years old, so I look at life through that lens, I see trends, I seek answers. This year has been beyond weird for me personally, but there have been some amazing bright spots to it as well. Mostly from the large amount of travel I’ve done and the amazing spaces I’ve found myself visiting. I love nature, it fuels my soul and I’ve gotten a lot of fuel this year. I’ve also needed it. And this brings me to Pluto.

You may love him, hate him, or call him an ice dwarf or a planet or something altogether unmentionable in mixed company (actually I don’t really give a damn). And since studies show that people who curse are more honest, I will be honest with you about my feelings. Pluto has been the planet that has ripped my soul open and forced me to rebuild with nothing but a bloody pulp to work with. And whatever Pluto impacts has the same experience, weather that is a person or a company such as Steem. It could be good, maybe allowing a decentralized platform such as this to reap the benefits of the abuses from companies like YouTube, Google, and Facebook. We can only hope.

Astrologers like to talk about Saturn as being the big lesson giver and hardass in the Zodiac. And it’s true he’s a real asshole. But it’s Pluto who will rip the wheat from the chaff of your soul, pulling you apart like tiny molecules hurled through a particle accelerator. In a WWE match, I would put my money on Pluto any day of the week. Saturn is just a dick, but Pluto will rearrange you on the soul level - and I promise you that isn’t easy. Robert Green wrote a great book on Pluto. Pluto is hades. He is … literally … hell.

But it is only by walking through the dark corners of our soul that we come to find and know and become loyally devoted to the light within ourselves. Pluto taught - no scratch that - forced me to meditate every day. It was a choice between being a peaceful civilized human vs. some kind of wild banshee. And since our culture doesn’t look too kindly on wild women, I choose the former.

But nature provides the banshee in me what she needs. I do not regret or dislike her at all. In fact she is the warrior who has allowed me to survive. She is the tough one who got me through. I love her with all my heart, but I don’t let her run the show, especially not when she is angry. She is why the birds of prey walk on my path with me, and I mean that literally. Eagles have been in my life since I met my first one at the age of about 5. The year my son was born, before he was conceived I was at a conference where they flew an Eagle named Challenger around the room, and I later hung out with him for a while and look some photos. And, man, was that a challenging year. A few years later at a park my son Avery walked up to me and said, “Here Mom!” and handed me a Golden Eagle wing feather. Last week he (now 8 years old) and I were walking around a small lake and spotted a Bald Eagle flying over, he flew over us. They usually do.

And then there are the Hawks. Those didn’t show up until after Avery was born. But when I was escaping from his father - literally - one showed up on a fence not 10 feet away just long enough to let me get a good look at him. Protection. These birds are guardians. I see them all the time when I am driving. A few months ago Avery and I were camping in California and he was learning to fish in the lake when at least a dozen Hawks flew over us within a 10 min timespan. Last week I was by another lake and saw a lovely tawny one fly out of a nearby tree. And then yesterday I was in a text conversation with someone where Hawks came up and he said that maybe they were Avery’s totem. Mine, I said. These birds, messengers between the gods and man are my totems. They’ve been there my whole life. When I lived in Topanga a Thunderbird was spotted - the Mighty Condor. Maybe this is the only one that has been seen in a decade. They were thought to be extinct.

But Hawks did start showing up after Avery was born. And, as if to prove my point yesterday, later in the day after this text convo, I found myself (without my son) under a Kestrel of at least 50 hawks. They flew over me, of course. Here’s some video evidence, although it took a while to get my camera out so I didn’t get the whole mass of them going over me.

I don’t really wish the Hawk/Eagle/Condor medicine on anyone because like Pluto and like the Egyptian god Ra who has a Hawk head, their spiritual powers only come from flying through the center of the Sun, walking through Hades and bringing back messages from the dead. This is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for the weak. My son is dog medicine, and wolf. That is something else entirely and best saved for another story.

And this Kestrel of Hawks showed up just as Pluto is slowing down and changing directions. Messages and meaning is everywhere if you know how to read it. Saturn (the asshole of the Zodiac) is at 3’ in his home of Capricorn (where he rules) - which to my subjective sense of Astrology is just now leaving aspect to the planetary degree that is a doorway for pure evil. That is the 0’ of Capricorn also known as the Winter Solstice. The range of the 0’ degree of Capricorn is effected up to 3 degrees on ether side, so anywhere from 27’ Sagittarius to 4’ Capricorn means that there will be EVENTS triggered that associate with the energy of the degree we are talking about. Of course all 360 degrees of the Zodiac have their own meaning, but the seasonal degrees - the 0 degree of all cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are karmically tied to the battle between good and evil on this planet.

So, yeah, it’s not all fluffiness and Satan Claws. Sorry religious people, I am not a fan of Christmas, mainly because I know what it really is. A lie. It is actually a ritual to Satan. You don’t find it just a teeny, tiny bit weird that Santa and Satan are the exact same word rearranged? It doesn’t bother you? It has bothered me since I realized this as a little girl. I have since come to understand that this is how magic works. This is a SPELL. What do you think a spell actually IS? It is how we put words and language to reality, it is how reality is controlled, how it is spelled. Words are VERY POWERFUL. The Chaldean flame alphabet is considered the basis for all creation, the actual language that ‘god’ or the ‘creators’ uttered when using sound to bring form into creation. The ‘Fire’ that promethius stole from the Gods was not the kind that burns your food, it was this flame alphabet, It was language, a specific language - the flame language. These 22 letters are those that are associated with the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. But the discussion of those letters and who or what did the uttering is best left for another post.

But, go ahead and enjoy Santa’s (Satan’s) gifts while you can, that won’t be for too much longer though. Just remember that Satan never gives without his clawback. And his price is the human soul. Mephistopheles, the Faustian deal, these are not just cute little myths and they contain far more truth than that highly edited and controlled doctrine called the Bible. But I know that people don’t want to look at this stuff. Writing about it - heck, even alluding to it - in ‘normal’ publications has gotten me canned. It’s called cognitive dissonance. People don’t see the truth because they don’t want to. Jack Nicholson screamed that reality to you in movie theaters everywhere. “You can’t handle the truth!” And still most will not awaken.

Back to Pluto. By now, I think you have some idea of just how huge and meaningful I believe this current planetary movement to be. If you have made it this far without deciding to hate me (shoot the messenger - remember that bird medicine?), or run away in fear, then you have earned the right to hear what I know. This turnaround of Pluto has already begun because he is a slow-moving planet. He entered the pre-shadow Dec 31st 2017 at 18’ Capricorn, turned Retro on April 22, 2018 at 21’ Capricorn. He is now STATION DIRECT - which is a very powerful time for Pluto related activities to be launched (you’d need a reading for specifics on this). He turns Direct on Sept 29/30 (depending where you are on the globe) at 18’ Capricorn, but does not leave this post-shadow until Jan 21, 2019. I told you he was slow. If you have any planets located in any sign between 15’ and 21’ then you are having slow, long MAJOR life transformations in that area. I know I am. The changes for me are all in TRINE - which is the best aspect there is - and even those aren’t easy. Thank you very much Pluto.

Here’s what Pluto effects: shared money (like stocks, bonds, mortgages, wills, legacies, inheritances and other mass money instruments. The most troubling of which at this time is derivatives. They are not long for this life I fear. Derivatives can and will take down the entire economy. Last time it was through the mortgage crisis. This time it will be through precious metals and the collapse of NATIONS and their economies. Like what is happening in Turkey and recently happened in Venezuela and Zimbabwe. It doesn’t matter that the Fed just green lighted the largest money printing ponzi of our lifetimes. It is the destabilization that will spiral out of control. Exact dates for this are impossible to predict because of human will. But I expect it to be soon, far sooner than the usual 2020 predictions. But I’ve been expecting this for 20 years. I am weary of the wait. Most likely it will happen this year and major shifts could be underway over the next 2 weeks as Pluto shakes things up.

Also effected by Pluto; deep secrets, hidden societies (like the Illuminati and the secret space program). All forms of power and the wielding of power for good or evil (like rape). Contrary to popular belief rape is NOT about sex. It is about the power of degrading a woman. It’s no accident that the sexual scandals around Brett Kavanaugh are happening now. I can’t tell you what is true on this one or who is lying, but probably Kavanagh is a scumbag. MOST men who are accused are. The myth about the falsehood of these kinds of accusations is far, far, far overblown. The reality is that for every 100 rapes only 1 is reported. On the other hand for every 100+ rapes at least 99 of those rapists go on to rape again. I actually don’t think that this - as important as it is - is anywhere near as important as the LARGER power play (that nobody else seems to notice or care about) that is underway to destabilize women - specifically the more than 25% who have been subjected to sexual violence. Personally I think that percentage is actually closer to 50 percent or more. After all, virtually every young female I have ever known has a story about sexual manipulation in the workplace or out and out physical attack. But 25% are just the official numbers. Triggering uncontrollable emotion in women is the goal here. And it is working. Any time anyone is emotionally triggered they are easy to manipulate - and discredit. Don’t be that person, don’t let them use your emotions against you. This is a Pluto issue.

On the other hand, the Woody Allen, Soon Yee story is one that I feel very clear about. I do NOT believe Soon Yee. I believe that Woody Allen is a vile evil creature and Soon Yee has Stockholm syndrome. That is my belief based on a deep understanding of how these kinds of sick psychological dynamics really work and how often the victims become used as tools for the abuser. In fact, almost every family where there is incest one of the children will become loyal to the abuser. Not all, but at least one. And in a family like Mia Farrow’s where there are 7 children, since 5 of them support Mia and only Soon Yee supports the OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED and accused pedophile, the psychological evidence weights towards Mia Farrow as the (mostly?) innocent party. After all, how innocent can a person be if they leave their children open to abuse? There are always signals and clues, and children always try to tell. I believe those who know and allow abuse to happen are just as guilty as the abuser. And by the way, what kind of sick society thinks it is ok for a man to marry the daughter (Soon Yee) of his ex (Mia Farrow)? Especially when he has known that daughter since she was a CHILD. Just on the face of it this is sick and wrong. It should actually be illegal. This is worse than murder and a man who does such a thing should face worse consequences than a murderer. This is a real Pluto issue.

A quick word about Retrogrades: Every planet except the Sun and Moon go retrograde occasionally. The retro of any planet makes the energy of that planet go underground or unseen. It is still active, but we do not see it outwardly. Retrogrades also mean that the Zodiac degrees of the retro period will be ‘worked over’ 3 times, first in the pre-shadow period, then during the retro (when that planet backs over these same degrees) and finally in the post-shadow. These always represent areas of life that need attention and karmic repair. This summer of 2018 we had every planet that could go retrograde - except Venus and Jupiter - turn retrograde. If you know anything about Astrology, you can use that understanding to see where in your life these areas of repair and reworking are taking place (or just have a reading: to get the full picture). Here is a handy reference chart for all the retro planets this year:

All I can say, is that, yes there is a benevolent design to the Universe and that is why the great Benefics (the two most beneficial planets, Jupiter and Venus) did NOT go retrograde this summer at the same time as all these others did. If they had, there may be none of us left today to tell about it. But they both DO have retrogrades this year. Jupiter’s (the greater Benefic) was at the beginning of the year and he won’t leave his shadow until Oct 6th. This is significant as he is in Scorpio which is ruled by - you guessed it - Pluto. And Venus (the lesser Benefic) is currently in the pre-shadow getting ready to turn Retro on Oct 5th. This Oct 5th Retro of Venus will have PROFOUND AND FAR REACHING impacts on BITCOIN. I will post other articles about this relating to the REAL BIRTHDAY of Bitcoin (it’s not what you think). This is significant because the degrees she is working over span the end of libra (governed by Venus herself) and into Scorpio where it is controlled by - yep - Pluto again.

Here is my evergreen video about Mercury Retrograde, the same principle apply to all the retro planets:

But light is always greater than darkness, each day the Sun pierces the night with the dawn. All it takes to send the shadowy ones, the evil doers running is a tiny flame. The flame of truth. The only way to find those shadows though, the only way to clear the darkness is to walk through it. Do not be afraid, we can do this, we can get through it. Just breathe, and meditate.

Aura Galadriel Wright
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