Steemit apparently hiring a dedicated UI-Team starting next week - Changing the face of

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Their entire career has been about building user interfaces, beautiful landing-pages and intuitive designs. According to @picokernel who joined @SteemSpeak early this morning, this is very good news for all of us. I agree, we need a facelift. They are not engineers, they are designers so they will be working only on front-ends or in other words, the stuff that meets your eye ;) and that is all I know about it.

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That's cool. Steemit is very functional at the moment, but I know some people like eye candy. Ideally it should have a selection of themes to suit all tastes.

These are excellent news! Thanks for sharing the info with us @fyrstikken.
I believe steemit is unbeatable when it comes to technological leadership. So the focus was primarily lying there which absolutely makes sense being an application. Now, some improvements on the front-end, look and usability will surely provide the platform with a tremendous boost and bring it to the next level! These are exciting times, looking forward ;)
Steem on!

I would like a dark themed one like the Bitshares2-Light app. Will make photo's and video's come out better too. Although I like the current one too, change is exciting, looking forward to it!


Very good idea! I would also love to see a dark Steemit theme.


me too. I would also like to have pinned posts, so I can have an introduction-post when people visit my blog, or resteem an important post that can be pinned.


Good idea.

Sounds good ! Im sure it will look great and why not , its spring time ! I say out with old and in with new , I cant wait to see it !👍😉


I agree with you

Steem Speak Scoops! This is really awesome news!

Can't wait. IMO, 'looks' and 'ease of use' are what steemit is lacking the most at the moment.

Great news! Us Steemians already know how amazing the platform and community is, but reeling in new people will definitely be easier when everything looks all fancy and works intuitively :-)

gawd I hope not.
most of today's UI's look like they've been designed by hyperactive ferrets on pixie dust.


They just need a better class of ferret



That's great, really that will be make steemit more interesting. Nice!

I think users will appreciate this idea and change

Wonderful news!

Great news! There are quite a few improvements to be made in the steemit UI.

looking forward to any changes :)

Exciting news!

Great news thanks for sharing. I believe a more appealing UI is what many users where looking for.

Good job !

articles incredible, nice work @fyrstikken

This is excellent news! Designing a GUI vs Programming are two completely different worlds. (that not always see eye to eye :) ) I wonder what changes they will propose!

They should do something about the annoying resteemed posts and put it in a separate tab!


Yes. A way to un resteem

Time to give steemit the look that will surpass other social media sites. Making it more easier to convince people to join.

Hey man, great post! And thanks for vote up one of mine. Thanks you sir!.

OK, ready for more interesting Experiment.

This is exciting! Steemit has potential to become the #1 social media network. It is already #1 in my opinion. Looking forward to the new UI :)

As long as it meets the eye;)

This is one of the greatest news I have read in quite some time :)

That's a very good news indeed! I am looking forward :)

You didn't even mention who the team is. However, IMO steem does need a facelift. What happened to the effort? There are many positive improvements over steem in that project. Could be the UI team you're referring to?

Nice post


he has acted like a dedicated miserable troll for a long time now. Full of spite and hate and nothing more as far as I have seen.


No original content, No Steem Power or nothing positive to ever say! Such a waste as he is such critical philosophical thinker - but in all the WRONG ways! They wired him wrong at the factory I think. A darn waste too!!

Steem on big man!! Thanks for the UI update :)


thank you :)
About to post a new comic strip.

It's all about taking care of the little things, that let the big things happen. This is one of those.

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