Steem Music Challenge Week 1 : La Lola (Flamenco)

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My Entry

People ask me what I specialise in. I tell them guitar. They say what sort of guitar, I say guitar made of wood. They give up with me. This is my area of practice, Flamenco.
this piece called " la lola rumba flamenco" composed and played by Paco Pena, one of the greatest flamenco guitar player in the world. I'm lucky to have chance to see his live concert in singapore quite sometime ago. A non-stop two hours concert solo by Paco Pena make me crazy about flamenco music. Full of technic,complicated rhythm, nice melody and flamming rusguedo( one of flamenco strumming style). that concert really give me a spark to learn and practice more on this music genre. but unfortunately in Malaysia i have no friend to play together and very few people know and enjoy about it. eventhough i'm quite alone in this "flamenco world" im still keep playing what i can and try to keep this genre as one of my repertoire on my performance. hopefully all you guys can accept and enjoyed from what i'm trying to share here.

I present to you my entry into the Steem Music Challenge hosted by #steem-music which is my community and handled by @perennial.

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I will see you guys this coming Saturday on the 14.4.2018 in Liberal Latte, Pusat Bandar Damansara.

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WOHOOOO ! @zhusatriani should give a loud shout at the end of your song 🤣 so much energy and feeling from your playing 😍 ALL THE BEST brother Zhu

edward...what im doing its just 0.1% from what you has done are so young and telented..rare spesis.

YEAH BRO!! WHY U DIDN'T SHOUT "HOOO"!! at the end?? hahaha! Great Job bro! 👍😁✌️

hooo become hih....hahaha...u funny my friend...your rosita damn nice...i wish to play like that...

Thanks bro! of course u can play like that..but if cannot I can teach u hehe 😉😉

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Wow! Awesome! I love it!

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