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hi all ... this time i want to share a video that i never post in any social media before..the video was recorded in 2014. this event is call "Tarrega Malaysia International Classical Guitar Festival". i'm lucky been invited as one of the performers in that festival which is was held in klang town. This annual festival is the first ever in Malaysia that involves classical guitarist from Malaysia and outside the country. Besides a malaysian classical guitarist (me and Dr. Nathan) there are few guitarist from German, United States of America, Norway and iceland.

all the artist...
all artist.jpg

christina sandsagen from norway.
Christina Sandsengen.jpg

Dr. Nathan Fisher from U.S.A ( UiTM Lecturer)

dr nathan fisher.jpg

Ögmundur Þór Jóhannesson from Iceland.
Ögmundur Þór Jóhannesson.jpg

Samuel Klemke and his sister from Germany
samuel klemke.jpg

SF Duo (Christopher Mallett & Robert O’Connor Miller) FROM San Francisco, CA.

SF Duo (Christopher Mallett & Robert O’Connor Miller).jpg


Amazing !

thank awie....datuk awie???

wow! very atonal. very 20th century 👍🏼


thanks caleb...your are "jukebox" pianist that i know so far...just name it...you play it...amazing.

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