First Live Music TV Broadcasting 🎶

in #steem-music4 years ago

Hi Steemians!!!
This is my latest video on Malay Traditional Music Performance. It was recorded live broadcast on TV3 for Wanita Hari Ini on 12 January 2018. Akarya Tradisi Band is our band name. It was my first experience with @awie98 performing live. We was so excited to grab thic chance for our encouragement in Music Performance. Hope you all enjoy and share our Traditional Music performance to others!!! 🎻


awesome, i like it very much.

thanks sir 😘😘😘

I can't wait to play oboe with you!

I'm so excited to learn to play caklempong with you.

wow !! congratulations @hazmanps ! keep it up !

Hi @hazmanps! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.03 SBD @tipU from @bitrocker2020 :)

thanks so much !!! hope you follow me for more music performance 🎵

wow! looks like you guys had a lot of fun! which instrument did you play? :)


I play accordion 😎

cool! hope to jam one day. never played with an accordion! :)

sure! we can play malay traditional and pop, jazz music together 😍😍😍

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