Bali International Choir Festival 2018 & [email protected] Choi

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The 7th Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) 2018 is an international choir festival held by Bandung Choral Society in Bali, Indonesia. Choirs from 10 Countries and 23 Provinces of Indonesia are already registered in the 7th BICF 2018.
This year [email protected] Choir with 20 choir members had an opportunity to participate in BICF 2018 (Mix Youth Choir and Vocal Group category) together with other choir team from Malaysia.
[email protected] Choir was founded in February 2017, comprising 16 music students from Music and Performing Arts Faculty, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia.
This group has been trained and coached by encik Mohd Amri Mohd Zin who is a vocal and choir lecturer in the Music Department, Music and Performing Arts Faculty, UPSI. Among the best achievements, this group has been awarded a silver medal and best costume category in Kuala Lumpur International Choir Festival 2017 (KLICC ) and 1st runner up in Ipoh International Music Festival 2017 for choir category.

Funiculi Funicula -Luigi Denza, arranged by Dave Perry and Jean Perry. [email protected] Choir. Conductor: @enazirma

Janger traditional Bali song arranged by Budi Susanto Yohanes. [email protected] Choir Conductor: @enazirma

Abendlied -Josef Rheinberger. [email protected] Choir. Conductor: @enazirma
And now we are busy practicing and the members give their full commitment because 24th July is the competition day. (tak lama sgt dah...serammm).
Kepada para deVokalis sekalian...rajin-jajin berlatih. Semoga kejayaan menjadi milik kita...aminn yaRob.

Terima Kasih. Thank You

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This is really amazing.. What i know is, Devokalis is the best choir group in UPSI, and also in Malaysia..the Coach in Devokalis is the best vocal teacher,@enazirma that is the most excellence one in Malaysia. Im very proud to be in Devokalis choir team. Because @enazirma have many time coaching and trained mostly artist in Malaysia :D

InsyaAllah, amin. Thanks sbb sudi menjadi salah seorang ahli deVokalis.

Hey..thanks. Kamu pun letopp juga 😊

you are bombastic, really fantastic...upvote and resteem done...

Thnks my bro @zhusatriani. I'm nothing la..bro hehe

nice sir ,we all will support u and the devokalis

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Power! Boleh buat “Pitch Perfect: Malaysia” dah nih 😁😁😁

Thanks. Hajat di hati memanglah ada.. pitch perfect versi Malaysia. One day..mana tahu kan..😁

wow! thanks for sharing. brings me back to my uni days! hahaha :)

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Most welcome bro.

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