Sealion Meme - Steem Inflation

in steem-meme •  3 years ago 

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If the price goes up, I won't mind too terribly much. :)

True. :D I just feel a bit disappointed that I couldn't invest earlier or earn more Steem earlier to let it inflate.

The next 3 months are going to be very wild on the market I think. Will be exciting to follow!

Curation will be more important which is nice

Any idea about the % the curation rewards will be then compared to the ones we are having now?

I believe they will be the same, but they will be a larger percentage of the steem entering the market. I think we will see a large steem redistribution once the change takes place and over the next few months but if the system is viable the price will recover.

The biggest change will probably be in the inactive accounts divesting fully. Which means I'll have at least a couple months to earn/buy more Steem ;)


How to trade in stealth-mode? ;D

So this is actually happening? Is it happening tomorrow?

I believe so, yes.

I guess its been postponed

Yeh, last update I read now was that they will announce it at least one week before it happens.

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