[steem-marketing] Steem is the fastest and cheapest way to transfer value

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One of the most underappreciated and undermarketed features of the Steem blockchain is the ability to make quick transfers.

The blockchain has three second interval for blocks which way more better than Bitcoin's ten minutes. In practice, transfers are instant because the average time for a transfer to get one confirmation is 1.5 seconds.

The blockchain doesn't have any transaction fees because spam is prevented with rate-limiting the amount of transactions users can make in a certain period of time. Most accounts have enough Steem Power to make enough transactions for daily usage and they are not going to get impacted by rate-limits.

What we have is a blockchain that is superior to all other blockchains for transfering value.

The market cap of Steem is around half billion dollars so it's beginning to be a serious alternative for traders who need to transfers funds between exchanges. They can buy quite big amounts without having any effect to the price.

So here is a simple and great marketing point: tell all traders about the benefits of the Steem blockchain. You don't need to get them to invest Steem, but just make them aware of Steem's superior features. Next time they encounter a need to transfer quickly cryptocurrency from one exchange to another, they should remember to at least consider using Steem for that.

This is also a point to make for exchanges if you try to convince them to add Steem. Tell them that their customers would greatly benefit by having a really fast and free blockchain.

PS. Foundation for marketing of Steem should consist of making the public aware of what makes Steem so much better than any other blockchain. It's an honest way of marketing, we are not hyping, deceiving anybody or making exaggerated promises.

PPS. I saw this point (value transfer between exchanges) made in somewhere a while back, but can't remember anybody who said it. Hat tip to whoever that was.

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good point :-)
you made me think
damnit ^^

Here it comes:

3, 2, 1, DONE!

Excellent write-up. In my opinion, Steem is and always will remain #1 as far as Cryptocurrency is concerned, AS LONG AS the developers continue to listen to their fans/supporters.

New follower here. Thank you @samupaha.

Best Regards,

It's going to blow up sometime soon most likely.
Thanks for the post!

great insight! let's see how it turns out

Thank for focusing on the marketing of Steem. We need to get Steem out in the public consciousness especially with Youtube demonetizing users. Users are sick of the current environment and need to know about Steem. I think getting medium influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck whose audiences are very responsive should be targeted as brand ambassadors.

I agree with you and believe that we all here are in a good place where the value of our time and investments will appreciate gradually . Time to promote steemit positively to the world, win win for all

I agree, the technology powering Steem seems to be groundbreaking. This feature might be underappreciated for now, but I'm sure it will make a huge difference in the long run.

thank you for sharing! Interesting point, I am just starting with this platform, good to know!