Where do I promote my post once it's published on steemit.com?

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Here is the cheatsheet that I follow everytime I am done publishing content. Feel free to use it to attract more people to your articles.

I am sure that all

steemit.com / steemit.com
users agree that it is by far the best platform to monetize content creation. But we have a bigger objective in mind then dollars and cents...what is it pinky?

In some ways, steemit bloggers have it too easy. They publish and the money flows in...without having to put any efforts in the promotion part of their blog. It may not be always like that. One day, so many people are going to be on steemit that you will have to compete for people's vote. Why not start right now by building good content promotion habits?

If you are here for the long run, once you publish, follow the cheatsheet below.

  1. Upvote Yourself!
  2. Submit to Bing and Google
  3. Ping your post with Pingler
  4. Send an email to your email list if you have one
  5. Pin the image you are using as your thumbnail on Pinterest with this plugin
  6. Craft a smart tweet linking to your blog
  7. Share on your facebook wall
  8. Submit to Digg
  9. Submit to a related category on Reddit

But Why?

What you do when you follow this process? You increase your chances to have people find your content, join steemit and upvote your content. Also, as a community, when we follow this process, the rankings signals go through the roof , Google starts to pick the content on steemit and sign-ups are going up up up!


If you enjoyed what you read here, don't just 'retweet' it, don't just 'like it' elsewhere. Make sure you Sign up (it's free!) and UPVOTE it, here on Steemit and share in the rewards!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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In may not be always like that.

It may not always be like that.

Why not start right now by building good content promotion habit?

habits ... or ... building a good content promotion habit.


We like a little "Yoda speak" every now and again ;)


And...you two lost me ;/

Can we please all do this sometime after our hangout? Or have a hangout specifically for it?

if you tweet or submit a blog add /?r=username to the URL.

eg https://steemit.com/steem-marketing/@cryptoctopus/where-do-i-promote-my-post-once-its-published-on-steemit/?r=ash

submit to digg

this is very ambitious :D

Valuable tips that I will be using! Thank you so much :)

Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for introducing Pingler and Digg to me. I mean, I got to know about these two only from this post.


Extremely helpful. Been looking for something like this for ages. Cheers!

I should have discovered this a few days ago! Fuck! This is helpful! I haven't been upvoting my own posts and I think I accidentally downvoted myself once! Thanks!!!!!!

Great tip, though am new on steemit but will definitely be using this cheatsheet...Thanks You

This is great advice. Here's a tip to make ALL of that happen, automagically, every single time you post. Go to IFTTT, turn your blog page into an RSS feed and set up recipes to make it happen on auto, every time. Plus, you can add other sites as well. Here is some more information. I need to do this on my own Steemit page and haven't yet. http://markrmorrisjr.blogspot.com/2016/02/writers-build-free-traffic-generating.html