1800 People PRUNED off our Server! Welcome New Users to SteemSpeak 3.0

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SteemSpeak continues to be a STRONG community continuously removing inactive/rekt members as the new generation of Steemians are joining our almost 3 year original STEEM Voice Chat.

SteemSpeak is and continues to be the #1 place for rapid information spreading across all STEEM communities. Our mission is to be a FREE SPEECH arena and an AMA arena populated 24/7 with active speakers and listeners. Before you join:

What is @SteemSpeak?

  • An Investor discord for stakeholders in SteemPower
  • An arena for Bot-Owners/Operators
  • A place for Developers across languages
  • A place for Skilled Witnesses
  • A debate & Afterparty Arena
  • A Support-center for most STEEM related situations
  • A fire-station when there is none to be found
  • A tradepit for STEEM-Traders with EXPLICIT language
  • A Home for us, a home for you - Co-Owners of the STEEM Blockchain.
  • And so much more.

Come join us at http://STEEMspeak.com or https://discord.gg/sbsjcgN

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You got a 91.62% upvote from @booster courtesy of @fyrstikken!


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Hi Fyrstikken, I clicked on the link so I could re-join and it just hung and hung for 15 minutes... would not let me join. :( (Meaghie)