What is the inflation rate of STEEM? Here is the Supply-Table for the next 20 years!

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the RAW inflation-data for STEEM. This data is often requested by investors and should be easily accessible. Big thanks to @abit for providing the following yearly supply-table so laymen can understand it!

year current supply inflation New supply
1   250,000,000.00  0.095   23,750,000.00
2   273,750,000.00  0.090   24,637,500.00
3   298,387,500.00  0.085   25,362,937.50
4   323,750,437.50  0.080   25,900,035.00
5   349,650,472.50  0.075   26,223,785.44
6   375,874,257.94  0.070   26,311,198.06
7   402,185,455.99  0.065   26,142,054.64
8   428,327,510.63  0.060   25,699,650.64
9   454,027,161.27  0.055   24,971,493.87
10  478,998,655.14  0.050   23,949,932.76
11  502,948,587.90  0.045   22,632,686.46
12  525,581,274.35  0.040   21,023,250.97
13  546,604,525.33  0.035   19,131,158.39
14  565,735,683.71  0.030   16,972,070.51
15  582,707,754.22  0.025   14,567,693.86
16  597,275,448.08  0.020   11,945,508.96
17  609,220,957.04  0.015   9,138,314.36
18  618,359,271.40  0.010   6,183,592.71
19  624,542,864.11  0.010   6,245,428.64
20  630,788,292.75  0.010   6,307,882.93

at the time of this post: Current Supply is: 244,924,398 STEEM
and the price of STEEM & SBD is: Currently: USD/STEEM: $0.0900; USD/SBD: $1.0404 according to @banjo

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some good stats here man!

Can you tell me what the number of new coins that will be created in year 21

I have written a post and am getting conflicting information from the whitepaper and some bloggers.

After the inflation rate drops to zero, are there new coins created?

If so, does the creation of new coins go on indefinitely?


I'm really hoping you can take the time to comment back. Posting on the link I sent could be very useful for the discussion but of course anywhere is just fine.

In reviewing this again,

Looks like the answer is already shown in years 18, 19 & 20, since each of these years is set to .10% and it does not decrease. This of course implies year 21 will be no different and new coins will continue to be produced and at a very mild inflation rate of .10%

If this is wrong let me know.


How does the voting guild work?

Thank you for the table! I believe that currently the crypto community doesn't really know what to do with the supply rates. This table is manifestly arbitrary, there seems to be no serious reasons. I firmly think that the new supply should be proportional to the value that the system generates (measured somehow). So I hope that soon we see some good theory backing rational emission rates. Anyway, for the moment everything seems to be working interestingly well in steemit.

Thank you for this data, good to know :)

Here is some more data about the total current Steem supply: The current SBD supply is 1,070,875.447 SBD which can be converted to 14,669,526 STEEM at the current price.

Here is the total current supply including the SBD.

Current Supply244,926,417.521 STEEM
Current SBD supply1,070,875.447 SBD
Steem supply + SBD supply259,595,944.192 STEEM

Thank you for those data, the virtual/real supply of steem vs steemdollars I almost forgot about that.

Great info. I added this article to my Useful Shortcut Post https://steemit.com/help/@edje/useful-steemit-tools-and-links.

Where do you get this information from, other than this post? Does Steem have a page that handles its emission rate?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I collected all links myself by reading posts mainly. And I'm still discovering more services and from time to time add them to the referenced post I created. By now I also tested quite bit of services created in the beginning of Steemit, and soon will add those that work to the same post...or maybe make a new one since I may not be able to edit the post anymore due to age of the post. Wrt inflation rates, I'm not sure where these are. The whitepaper and many posts write about the mechanics of Steem, some only high level, some in more details.

Wonderful @edje. Thanks a lot :)

I needed it :)

Daym bwoy... those stats!

Possibly a silly question, but does the Steem locked up in "Steem Power" count as circulation? or when a user locks "Steem" into "Steem Power" that Steem then goes back into the pool to be re-circulated to new content creators?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Thank you.

Your welcome, I hope this info will serve a lot of good people around the world.

Unless a hardfork will chance the inflation rate again.

well there is always that possibility. I think we can live with this current supply-table.

/Didn't know a fork can change the stats. I wonder that's the case after this most recent one, HF20. It's 11/12/18 and the price of steem is $0.73; according to coinmarketcap.com, the total supply is 300,595,287 STEEM.
The expected price according to this article is $0.85, the general market is down at this time anyway. Maybe this just implies that cryptos are truly on sale.

Inflation 9.5% per year is still super-high, it's about 5 times more than how central bankers work. I'm quite surprised that only few people have problem with that, but at least it's decreasing every year. I know if adoption grows strongly, such an inflation might not be that big issue. But for sure thanks for your post, numbers are always welcome!

I agree! its a little concerning to say the least and I think many new investors looking to put money into steem might be put off or give them second thoughts, because if Steemit grows slowly the inflation rate will destroy the the payouts to content creators.

On the contrary, I think I would like more inflation! If you want steem to be successful, you need more people participating, so you need to be inclusive by giving considerable rewards to the new ones. The new supply for the next years looks mean. New supply should be proportional to the value the system is generating, measured somehow.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It seems like that but in reality due to higher inflation Steem is loosing I assume about 100x of sitting capital form investors because no-one who is rational is storing value in inflationary asset as inflation is nothing else than hidden tax. So there is still much less capital than it could be. Rewards (measured in USD) are not based only on inflation numbers but also on STEEM value/cap value. If you have 100x more capital and inflation only 1%, you will still get 10x higher rewards (in USD terms) and everyone will be more happy. Current state is good only for one thing - faster STEEM distribution, but not for rewards, not for STEEM value and not for investors. Guess what most users would appreciate more.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

There is a tension between different factors. Just be sure you don't focus only in one of those.

That's right. I quite amplify inflation factor but only because most people ignore it (to my surprise). You're right, it's not the only factor, but it's one among the primary factors.

The curious thing is that I perceive "most people" thinking like you.
For example, I don't understand why so much people argues that bitcoin is scarce, since there are a lot of (even better) cryptocurrencies. And this is just the beginning. Maybe btc will have some value for historical reasons?

Hmm, finite supply of money is something fundamental for healthy economy and for motivation of people to do something. It's similar to putting water out of boat. When you know that no matter what you do more water is incoming you will eventually loose motivation for your effort. But if the water is finite (there are no leaks) your motivation to pour water out is much better. Scarcity of Bitcoin is one of the pillar of Bitcoin, for me the most important. Our current economy is quite the opposite as no matter how you try, they always print more to diminish effect of your effort claiming false dogma that without inflation (breaking scarcity) it cannot work which is utter lie. Bitcoin is scarce that although it's inflationary its going to zero and there is "only" 22 millions of BTC units. So in this paradigm everyone holding one Bitcoin owns very scarce asset as only 0,3% population can hold more than 1 BTC. There are better crypto-currencies, true, and there might be shif of valuet, but real value of crypto is where most people believe it is. So yeah, it's just faith built in time, nothing tangible. Bitcoin will have to fight to keep its status in time.

Thanks for the information. This is very helpful in adding to my understanding of how Steemit works. Good work!

My pleasure, I am here to serve.

This is great info thanks!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

is there an official realtime app for this?

Great info @fyrstikken! Nicely done!

👍 thanks for the chart

your welcome. Something to bookmark for when you speak with STEEM-investors.

You have to consider the fact that 75 million steem is owned by 'steemit' itself, wich is stagnate and is not used at all, so approx 1/4 has to be removed from this calculation, wich is even better, correct me if im wrong ;) for the stats check 'steemitwhales.com'

i would love your idea. it will be nice. i support you

Can't reesteem