We do not like the hell!!


Dear friends

after a week from my latest post, it was easy to forecast about the disappearing of one of our coins, but it seems they are die hard!

Hive and Steem was very near to go over 200 position of ranking and everyone knows, who fall in this second ranking, is no more a reliable coin.

Our company coin is belonging both of them, you can buy and seel INTEL on both engine and we can keep your safe making an instant swap between the engines, so our investor will be always keep on safe.

The first half of this year is ending, so who will buy INTEL now, will see in the next months the increasing of its value, due to a very big business is starting soon for us.

Ao everyone will believe on us, will get its rewards, we are not playing with others money, we are investing and making profits from them!

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