Investment plan started


Dear friends

here we are!

After 8 months my post wrote about it:

now we are ready to do our business plan and giving a real scalable return to our investors.

As you can see from the post image, we already put in the market 1,000,000 INTEL with price of 0,1 steem, but we already secured over 3,000 INTEL with immediate return for investors.

As we promised several times, our token is multiplatform and it is connected with other 2 altcoins, Hive and Waves.

This is Hive-engine page:


This is Waves-exchange page:


In all the exchange, we keep what we promised in the beginning of year, the people will get the reward in order to the time they will keep the coins.

So this is our plan:

  1. Token buying and selling within end of september with initial value
  2. From first october token buying and selling with 5% of initial value
  3. From first of november token buying and selling with 10% of initial value
  4. From first of december token buying and selling with 15% of initial value
  5. From next year, token buying and selling with 20% of initial value.

It means in 4 months 20% of income without doing anything, but if you want exit before, there will be anyway your income depending on the time you will left.

I think probably there is none doing something like this with other coins, so even you have old INTEL you can get your profit!

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