What should minnows do when they get flagged?

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I know I know, there is a lot of money that could be made from steemit platform, it looks simple to write random things and get money through upvote.

But wait instead of getting upvoted from a whale you may also get flagged. What should you do then?


First know the reason why are you getting flagged, the reason may be one of the following-

1. Plagiarized Content

In the process of making quick money, you may be trying to copy content from other websites and pasting it into your blog on steemit. Or maybe the person who had introduced you to this platform, just suggested you this idea. Well it's a strict no-no.
The people earning good rewards are putting their best efforts into creating their blogs. So the posts you see in trending every day, are the result of continuous and persistent efforts of bloggers. Copying and pasting won't take you anywhere.

OH, you thought steemit was easy money? I think initially everyone thought the same way. Okay can't say about everyone but yeah I thought the same way in the beginning so it's not our fault. I think we get overwhelmed by looking at the rewards on the trending page, but the truth is that we need to hustle a lot before getting such rewards. If we don't have any of our audience on .com social sites. Which itself is a big deal.


Are you writing the same comments everywhere in the process of seen everywhere and getting more followers?. Beware you may get flagged. Why? because the whales don't like it. They don't want you to abuse this platform with spams everywhere.

3.Content with least efforts

I have gone through many posts in which people just click a photograph and just posts them on steemit (I'm talking about steemit, not Dmania/Steepshot/D-tube)
So it's a blogging site and we need to write some good length paragraph to support your content. If you are not even doing that, you may get flagged as well.


That's somewhat trending right now. We have a new cat in the town named "grumpy cat" and that cat is punishing and flagging people for using bots. I believe she is limited to people who are getting more than $100 upvotes and is wise enough to leave the minnows.

5.Just a suggestion

You got to stay away from Team H and Team BS. You might get into flag wars! Didn't get what I'm trying to suggest, give steemit sometime and you'll surely get it. :P

Got flagged. Now what??

Most of the high reputation people on steemit are working day and night to make steemit a better community. There are some great people, who are spending some of their valuable time in curating posts, finding stolen and plagiarized content on steemit and flagging them.

If you are thinking that they got some problem with you or are jealous of you because of your ethnicity/culture/earning or whatever then my friend you are completely wrong. You won't find any better community then steemit. They are welcoming, helping and knows the kindness got an incentive over here.

Not sure about that just peep into their accounts, have a look in their posts and you may find 100% original content which directly or indirectly is somewhat helping the community to grow and they are rewarded well so jealously seems out of question.

They just want you to get fall in line and work for better earning, without getting steemit a bad name.

So second, edit your post, delete everything from that post and write "messed up".

then make a nice note "Dear @----- I now know the reason behind your flag, I was too naive to understand this platform, I know what should I be doing from now. Instead of creating plagiarized content, I'll work on creating some good content. I have deleted content from that post of mine. Please remove the flag" and put that in the memo and transfer 0.001 SBD to @----.

That's it you are good to go, I bet you they will be nice enough to remove the flag. So instead of getting into the stupid flag war with them, you have saved your reputation.

You know what we are still 6,28,000 people on steemit, one day number gonna shoot up in millions so you are lucky enough to get into this platform early. So don't waste your time spamming and plagiarizing content.


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Don't forget to resteem, upvote and comment !! :P

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Good post man, very helpful for all the minnows, gonna give you a love flag for this one :P


Ginabot got you this .. lol ... tell your stalker wife to stop :P

We should totally flag this post for being good lol. Good advice man, but if people havent figured this out yet, there is no hope for them muhahahaha!


We hope your health getting better ! ... Wish ya fast recovery :)


Im sure if it werent for these damned pills Id be better already...


Just a few more days and our Viking going to be adventurous again :)


I hope so. I miss his drunk ass

Yeah a lot of new members don't even realize they can get flagged for spam content or plagiarized content. And getting into flag wars can get quite messy so it's not for minnows to get into these things. Also, great tips for recovering from flags! Losing reputation can take a while to build it back up, so cleaning up and asking for the whales to remove the flags is a great way to recover :)


@trendo Thank you for passing by. Indeed building reputation takes a lot of time. It's the safest way possible :)

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Very good and Informative post... im happy to spend a time to read it...

You catched a vote and a Resteem...


Oh... I missed your banner saying "hoschi resteemed it "... Thank you Hoschi :)

Reall good post. I've only been on Steem for a short while but that was one of the first things I noticed. nothing is worse than finishing a good post and then finding out it was a rip off from another site. Thanks for the recovery guide as well!


Glad you liked it! .. I'm a plankton myself, didn't know if I am credible enough for giving advices ... but this is what I could think of :)

Thanks for taking the time to give some pointers to "noobs" like me. I appreciate the effort. I wish you continued success. :)


thanks for passing by this post and well wishes energy. It was a very small effort to keep the minnows like myself away from flag wars.

Excellent advice for everyone on the platform. I hope you haven't been flagged yourself ;). Thank you.


lol .. someone on the PAL network did do that ... flagged him/herself in the process of knowing how the flag works :P... thankyou @anmeitheal for passing by my blog

Hey, very nice post @tanishqyeverma! So many useful and practical information. I had no idea what to do if I ever got flagged. What you presented here makes total sense. Thank you!