Upvote calculator – what is your upvote worth? (with "x" amount?)

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Yesterday i made a post about investing 7000$ in steemit. If you are thinking about investing as well, you might have asked yourself, how much is your upvote going to be worth? Here is the answer.

Thanks go out to @penguinpablo there is calculator that works accurate and is adjustable for steempower, voting-power and weight-power.

Currently i have 4700 Steem in account:
My maximum upvote with 100% vote + weight power is 1,20$.
Since i am an upvote addict i am down to 32% voting power, which are around 40cents currently.

You can find the upvote calculator here:
Make sure to say hello and upvote penguinpablo when using his awesome little tool.


$ 0.09!!!
hehehe, how little fish I am?:)

not too bad, you almost got the slider :)

How much is your upvote worth on 100/100?

I have a long way to go...

The highest mountain is climbed step by step :)

So true!

pff I need to power up for sure!

Your blog looks promising, maybe you can built it all up by quality posts. But powering up speeds up things a lot :)

Thank you! I will definitely try to expand with more quality posts instead of most trash I have to skip through to get to some decent content. Could you please explain to me how powering up affects my own blog? I still fail to see that...I am however letting every post payment be 50% SP to power up

Upvotes are a ranking factor. Example: If you made 2 identical blogposts the one with a 2$ upvote would rank higher than the one with 1$. Better ranks mean more views. So even your own upvote matters. If youre generous and upvote people engaging in your blog, your blog will get a lot more attention. Most of the Steemians want to increase their own influence and will be thankful, even if its just a few cents.

Right! Thats very well explained, thanks for taking the time!

helpful post thanks

Thanks for reading

Thanks, it may come handy once I am set to fuel up tooooo...

$0.03? I swear I was at $0.04. LOL

this is due to steem price decline (-18%). Its traded at 1.05$ currently, no big deal since the whole market is down

I think I did a $0.07 vote at 98% and then it went back down to $0.03.
I've been trying to get to 100% VOTING Power for awhile, but then I just have to upvote some articles.

Damn! Dat is nice. Your investment will pay off for sure :D

I would usually upvote this but I'm all out of SP! Have to wait for it to recharge?

youre voting power % is still higher than mine :)

It's at around 50% at the moment according to the steemnow website. I get weird results sometimes. One time I'll vote up something and it gets $0.20c and just a few minutes later it just gives a big fat $0.0c? Any suggestions? I just upvoted this and it gave $0.01c Yay!

Nevermind :) i think an upvote is a form of appreciation, wether its 1cent ot 1$. haven't heard of that, mine is usually quite linear with the voting power

What are your thoughts? i'm thinking to invest in steemit. Right i can see there is only few steem power you got but in the post you have 4700?? kinda confusing.
Did someone ban you or something? ?

Thank you very much for this beautiful discovery, I wrote a post to let him discover the French community by mentioning you, I leave you the link in case you want it 😉! Thank you so much and see you soon 💝! Link in french 👉

So sad, my upvote is zerro, thx full to some one who can delegate litle sp to me..

Thanks for this helpful post..

my voting power is at 0.02 cents and i just moved there from 1cent. feeling good and optimistic.

hey i need to ask one thing what is vest power it always on zero in my case.

Vesting is where you have some asset in an entity that will pay you out at some future date.

how to fill that i have no clue about that

In your settings, it asks you whether you want a 50/50 split or 100% of your earnings
When you either write blog posts or comment on other people's posts as you know, you earn that way. As you may also know, you get paid 7 days after you posted on your blog on made some helpful, useful on interesting comments on other people's blog posts. Check your settings @blazing and see what split you have selected and it should all become clear.