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Emojipedia.org allows you to search for any Emoji you want, and then simply copy and paste it into your Steemit post. It's really easy to use and they even have hard to find Emojis like HAMSTERS 🐹.

This is what the website looks like:


As you can see, I searched up "hamster" in the search bar and the website returned all the hamster Emojis in its database.

Then you click on the "Copy" button, highlighted below in light blue.

Copy hamster cropped.png

Next you press Command-C to copy.

Command C.png

Now, all you need to do is press Command-V to paste directly into your Steemit post, and voila, you have your Emoji! 👍

Many thanks go @livenowandwow for sharing this resource with me!

You can read @livenowandwow's original comment with additional useful Steemit resources at:

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You're welcome, @sizzlingmonkeys!

Here, some random emojis just for you:

🚒 🐹 💦 🦄 🚔 🗼🚣 🏖️

Love this site!

Thank you so much for sharing this site!! I use iemoji but the page doesn't have as much choices when I need it. This will be very useful :) 💖 (<-- hehe I used emojipedia and I love it )

It is a very good emoji webpage, thanks. I didn't know about it before :d

Thanks for posting this cool wesite, now I can use some creepy emojis in my abandoned posts, haha :D

good bro!



@sizzlingmonkeys.Thanks for the Hamster face 🐹 😊

Here same useful emojis for you
🍻 🐋 🍕 🍟🎵 🍸 🎁 🍫 🎲 🎳 🎥 🔒🔓💰 💾 📞 💪 👍 👌

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Why is this tagged steem?


Oops, I meant Steemit. I've corrected the tag - the primary tag remains steemit-help.

Thank you very much.
but you can also try
Emoji shortcuts which are in windows and mac