Short answer:
There are times when I'd like to be able to login to steemit on a device that have more questionable security, like my cell phone. In this case, I could use my private posting key to sign in letting me post, vote, etc but without having a change of somebody being able to get into my other my wallet.

Now there are times that I'm wanting to let somebody else use my posting key..such as a voting bot scenario (like streemian.) For that program to cast a vote for'd need my posting key...but instead of giving my private one..I'd give them my public one.

I've also had to provide my public memo key when transferring from poloniex to here (since it leave the transfer info in the memo.) Along the same lets me still keep the private one with me (though I've not had a direct use for private memo key myself.)

Thank-you once again.

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