10 most profitable tags on Steemit (8-13-17)

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10 most profitable tags on Steemit (8-13-17)

I decided to lead a small cycle on the most profitable tags on Steemit.

I will try as far as possible on a regular basis to add new listings.

I am open to any suggestions regarding this compilation.

Please feedback in the comments section what else you'd like to know, and I'll try to prepare for you.

Data is collected at 7:00 AM.

1 bitshares 288 1,539 337,480 SBD 1,171.81 SBD
2 witness-category 96 664 102,692 SBD 1,069.70 SBD
3 steemfest 143 467 118,994 SBD 832.12 SBD
4 meetup 97 487 78,066 SBD 804.81 SBD
5 beyondbitcoin 978 695 538,271 SBD 550.38 SBD
6 steem-help 184 624 101,260 SBD 550.33 SBD
7 curation 368 661 154,183 SBD 418.98 SBD
8 coinkorea 439 746 180,603 SBD 411.40 SBD
9 poloniex 242 646 98,604 SBD 407.46 SBD
10 security 492 427 190,050 SBD 386.28 SBD

I hope you will have more income on Steemit.

As ever,
@elded ;)

Each donation is greatly appreciated. Will allow me to find for you more interesting articles and ideas.

Bitcoin: 1HG3hDmtRg5bwgZV7UCQgUoUp3BFfYyLT8
Ethereum: 0x8f9dB5Ac2FCc0B1B2BD481C1b418D675982Bf814
Litecoin: LandvxfKPWr2z7HdfrxdkYygecHd4bv3j6

Thanks for your time reading my article.

Please upvote, resteem and follow me, thank you.

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