How to never double-post again!

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How to never double-post again

easy Steemit help tutorial


One pelican is plenty, folks.

Since this keeps happening

I figured I'd share a very easy fix to make sure you never post duplicate posts again. The first thing you should know is when/why does this happen? It happens, mostly, when clicking the "Post" button after one of your masterpieces is perfected. The why? I can't answer other than it's a prevalent glitch that I'm quite confident the Steemit team is aware of where the following messages (or close variations thereof) are shown upon hitting "Post:"


The dreaded 'Transaction broadcast error' and less-dreaded-but-still-super-annoying 'TypeError: Network Request Failed.'

Now stop!

DO NOT hit post again. Open up a new tab in your browser and navigate to (obviously replace that with your actual Steemit username, not @yoursteemitusername, which is not a real account, at least until someone creates it because they think it's funny)

Now, you are looking for the magic words, towards the top of your Steemd info page on the right side:

Instead of 4 hours ago, obviously, if it worked, it will say a few seconds ago. If you don't see this message, refresh your Steemd and make sure it is not there. If it's not, you can try to post again. If it really does not work, I recommend copy/pasting your post to and going from there, as I've never seen Busy fail when trying to post.

And that's it!

Yep, it's pretty easy to make sure you never double, triple, or (god forbid) quadruple post again. Remember kids, pelicans are pretty, but picky, so one is plenty! If this post helped you please resteem it so we can Keep Steemit Beautiful™. Say no to littering!


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Thanks d-pend for a double your fun kind of post. The pelicans are such a weird kind of flying creature.


Yea, they're pretty unusual (and awesome!)
Glad it was helpful =]

Good to see you post tutorial posts great one indeed my bro.



Thanks bud. I didn't notice you hit 60 rep, (61 at that!) congrats my friend!


Even i do not know you for real, but i think we were going to be best bud in real life and do not ask me why?
your congreatulation mean a lot to me.
i really wish you wonderful life Daniel Pendergraft. :-)

Thank you for useful advices @d-pend


You are welcome my friend!

Good advice. I ran into this a lot on my personal account @chelsea88
Eventually learned to simply go to my blog and see if it went through. Then just clear the form on my next post. Resteemed for increased visibility by your @eastcoaststeem
Feel free to join on our discord if you so desire.


Yeah I realized upon making this you can also just simply have your blog open in another tab, lol. Thanks for the resteem, hope it helps people.


Ooh I think its great to have more than one way to check it though!

I saw a post that came up about 10 times! I was wondering what was going on.


Haha. As if we don't have enough spam on the blockchain already...


That’s the truth!

Great info presented in a nice way @d-pend. Thanks! Upvoted and resteemed. Of course I follow you. LOL


Haha, thanks a lot @sallykwitt.

Nice..upvoted and followed..

Good info, ty

Nice post!!!!!!
Thank you:)

Useful information. Thanks!

Thanks for the information

Very wonderful picture "
Good choice, my friend

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Tnx @d-pend fr informative post

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