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Yesterday I wrote about a new service for an upvote exchange. When you upvote there posts from other members, you get upvotes back. The worth of the upvotes you get back are up to 5x higher than the upvotes you give.
This vote does not came from a bot. The other members have to vote content they like manually.


If you also want to try out this service, then please use the following Referral Link:

Here are my first results from testing:

I voted for the following posts

2017-08-01T12:18:12 45.55% cryptoriddler animal-series-12-the-most-important-critter
2017-08-01T12:19:12 45.55% cryptoriddler pretty-foxy-bird-7-photos-2017729t0236435z
2017-08-01T12:19:24 45.55% cryptoriddler lizards-in-the-bushes-2017730t01244219z
2017-08-01T12:19:54 45.55% cryptoriddler shaped-like-a-vulva-womb-cave
2017-08-01T12:20:09 45.55% cryptoriddler colorchallenge-monday-red-racing-lotus
2017-08-01T12:20:51 100.00% cryptoriddler b-and-w-photography-contest-nostalgia-entry-1-real-photography
2017-08-01T12:22:57 100.00% cryptoriddler two-weeks-old-6-kittens-more-photos
2017-08-01T12:24:18 100.00% cryptoriddler colorchallenge-mondayred-beer
2017-08-01T12:24:27 100.00% cryptoriddler butterfly-and-china-rose
2017-08-01T12:25:54 100.00% cryptoriddler food-art-challenge-1-or-entry-2-sheese-girl
2017-08-01T12:29:33 100.00% cryptoriddler my-photography-4
2017-08-01T13:10:00 100.00% cryptoriddler landlord-house-in-bangladesh
2017-08-01T13:39:36 100.00% cryptoriddler well-hello-steemit-friends-good-day

And got the following votes back until now (mayby more, but I can find only the votes given with default percentage of 45.55%)

2017-08-01T12:51:42 45.55% chukamozie libori-4-fun-house-fuzzy-s-lachsaloon
2017-08-01T12:54:57 45.55% mhmegh libori-4-fun-house-fuzzy-s-lachsaloon
2017-08-01T13:43:39 45.55% ratul8940 libori-4-fun-house-fuzzy-s-lachsaloon

2017-08-01T14:39:21 45.55% imransoudagar how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T15:00:27 45.55% amaliatul how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T15:31:24 45.55% interceptor how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T15:35:42 45.55% cybertiger how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T15:47:33 45.55% rashidminhas how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T16:46:48 45.55% wundengba how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T17:14:51 45.55% sonu how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T17:27:48 45.55% mooe how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T17:29:48 45.55% spooks how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T18:12:21 45.55% chukamozie how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T18:17:18 45.55% hawk1987 how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T19:26:27 45.55% riandi how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T19:28:42 45.55% veronica83 how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T20:01:12 45.55% rawdasaeed how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T20:53:09 45.55% apoloo1 how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T21:15:51 45.55% florijansworld how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T21:45:00 45.55% litigious how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T23:11:48 45.55% jacalf how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-01T23:20:24 45.55% fahrullah how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-02T00:19:42 45.55% lustylaura91 how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-02T04:09:24 45.55% mocin1993 how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-02T05:37:21 45.55% walkinharmony how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts
2017-08-02T05:55:18 45.55% nasier how-to-get-upvotes-from-other-stemians-that-like-your-posts

2017-08-02T06:27:18 45.55% mental libori-2017-5-jekyll-and-hyde
2017-08-02T08:22:00 45.55% mpokorchukwudi libori-2017-5-jekyll-and-hyde
2017-08-02T08:31:00 45.55% cybertiger libori-2017-5-jekyll-and-hyde
2017-08-02T08:31:21 45.55% smilexyz03 libori-2017-5-jekyll-and-hyde
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I feel this a noble idea and approach to upvoting and win in a downward scale.


Thanks cryporidder for upvoting me. May God bless you.


Thanks you cryporidder for the support and upvoting

The numbers game is always interesting. Thanks for sharing.

great post


ack! I really want to join this, but I am honestly sketched out. Is it kosher? Nobody is preying on accounts and data like Mark "Idiots Use Facebook" Zuckerberg?


I have the same wonder. Especially being a noob in steemit, I am still at a lost for many things, so I have worries for using my key on other site(s) 😅😅😅

Upvote and follow me if u want

This is good @cryptoriddler for Steemians growth at

upvote , comentado y seguido amigo sigueme tambien y espero tu upvote saludos

Thx for the upvote :)

Dont know why i couldn't login, it doesnt accept my username, i will try late. Thanks for sharing


anitafigueroa (without the @) as username should work, the login site finds your avatar.





You have to use the private posting key, go to permission > posting key > show private key to look for it



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I have upvoted u so remember to upvote mine and follow my post @leemeili

Awesome and very informative post. I really love to see the Steem community strive towards one goal especially all us minnows helping each other. :)

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Nice post

Please, i wish to know more about, kindly help to explain better.


They made a video, how to use it and posted it on youtube:


Thanks for this share!

Congratulations @cryptoriddler!
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followed and upvoted, thanks for the info!

great post


thank you

I ll test your steem follower service, i am somewhat new to steem and havent understood the intricacies of the reward mechanisms yet but in the meantime, i would like to hear what you think about a service i have. its called zupcoin and lets you convert any coin to any coin over any exchange without needing an app or opening websites, it runs inside messenger, check this post for more details and let me know how it can be made better

Thanks for all the infos. Am new in the steemit community. Dont forget to check out my stories and upvote :)

upvoted, To celebrate 100 followers reached, thanks.

Thanks for sharing, @cryptoriddler! Do you know why the number is 45.55%? What's so significant about it?


Sorry, I don't know. I only realized, that this is the default setting from that service.



@cryptoriddler got you a $1.92 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cryptoriddler got you a $1.92 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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i've checked it. There's voting power, and its decreasing after voting. So, how to increase voting power?

My profile is just not updating. Thanks anyway.

im not getting it... hope you can help me....


They made a video, how to use it and posted it on youtube:

nice ...

Thanks for following me..
I followed you and upvoted for you
Please, vote for me :)