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Welcome to the team

Now you are with us in a circle of talented, sympathetic, versatile, interesting people!
We go to the information platform steemit.com, where we share everyone with their stories, talents, useful information in their posts and earn a steal!

✨To this, in order for your content to become popular and effectively bring in income, it is necessary to take an active part in reading and voting other participants of posts and regularly upload your own. Do not limit yourself to the topic, you can talk simultaneously about politics, creativity, love, music, food, express your thoughts and feelings, and more! The more versatile your content - the more interesting! Now I want you to tell here in the comments about your interests, hobbies, plans, projects and what you could share, maybe it's thoughts on the implementation of some project, or maybe you write poetry, or just want to share your thoughts about your life , people, about spiritual development, fashion, finance, nature or anything else! The options can be countless! The more multi-faceted your content will be, the more interesting!

✨ The first step is registering on the site steemit.com with a cool Nickname (short and concise, no dots, hyphens, numbers.) More vowels, for example, 3-digit - we have a DJL that displays individual content themes)! To do this, you must have a mailbox in gmail. Within a few days, your account will be confirmed and a crypto password will be sent to the post office. Password must be stored in at least two places (removable media, text document on the computer). Password can not be restored!

Steemit.com has a social marketing structure. We are a group that supports each other by voting, commenting on the first stage. Thus, we produce an imitation of "network marketing" between us, in order to speed up our reputation, visibility, levels of significance on steemit.com, thereby getting at the end - faster and more money, subscribers, resots, up-ups, thereby promoting our individual information.

✨ Do we get something significant from our group? No! It will simply serve us as a quick start and help in advancing each other. Alone for significant results in promoting on steemit.com and making money - it would take months, here in our team with a joint active work it will take - weeks.

✨Steemit.com is now based on Steem's crypto currency. Payments will be permanent. Now the site is in beta testing. Steem has the highest exchange rate (2 times more than bitcoin). We are on steemit.com because steem will be one of the crypto-currencies that will remain after the macroeconomic changes in the world.

Is this a pyramid? Yes! Is it a currency? Yes! Every currency that existed has ever gone to zero since the last 5 years, because the currency, by definition, has no base and no physical value. That is, the currency is a religion, based on trust, the example is the American dollar. People believe in him, a lot of people use it and that's why he has a big price. That is, the price of a currency is its ability to mediate the exchange of two goods. And since this system is used by most people, we are now on this system. Crypto currency is a mathematical currency, the more people it uses, the more servers and CPU power it has, the more it grows. Let's return to our pyramid - it is important that we do not invest anything here, we earn! It's like being the first to come to the Mavrodi organization and not buying mammoths, working for him, earning them. Will this collapse sometime then? Maybe! When? - It is not known! But we are at the beginning of the biggest bubble and it's better than sharing on facebook and other social networks with information, giving it to the CIA, so that someone else, but not you earned it.
Currencies crumble generations, 10 years old. These processes can be traced and seen. We can see an example in Venezuela: before their currency simply went into hyperinflation and collapsed. As well as with the dollar - we see that it is coming to an end and new currencies are coming out - crypto. The Crypto currency now hits all the indicators in the purchasing power. After all, the most important thing is the purchasing power of currency! It does not matter whether we have 1 billion dollars, if its price will be equal to one chewing gum!
Advice: Adjust the system of writing posts in the following way: 2 - 4 posts a day, posted in the time interval 18-21 hours for New York. From 20 comments and 10 votes to our team and 10 votes to popular liked content per day. Share in the general chat with your new post so that we immediately notice it. Write posts in English, the Google translator helps me.

Never give up

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