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RE: Simple Things That Will Make You A Better Steemit Blogger

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Some very invaluable information. Thank you for posting this. I will certainly take much of this on board. I could definitely post more often. If I didn't procrastinate so much. 🙄


Facebook really did a lot of research on the frequency of posting that is worth a look which is why I included it in this post. Here it is again in case you missed it.

Effective Frequency: Reaching Full Campaign Potential

This information can easily be applied to posting on Steemit

I'll certainly have a look.

Ordinarily I wouldn't trust a thing to come out of Facebook these days. Although I don't doubt the research they've done. After all they've used plenty research against their own users.

However if it can be used for good. 😁

Facebook certainly has a lot of data and I'm sure they are using it to make money from our information. I get a strange thrill out of using their own research into social media posting against them and to our own benefit.

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