50 Steem giveaway! Comment on this post with a current selfie of yourself and you will receive steem

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I believe the steemit community is the best community, and I want to see all your pretty smiles.

I am willing to pay you Steem for your smile, so please take a selfie of yourself and include a description of the selfie in the comments below.


  • you must upvotes and resteem this post, because I want to see a lot of pretty smiles.
  • you must be Smiling in your selfie and you must include a description of your selfie in the comment.
  • I will divide the 50 Steem amongst all who participate in this selfie for Steem post
  • Steem will be sent to all who participate after this post pays out in 7 days.

A total of 50 Steem will be given away, so your Steem payout will depend on how many decide to participate. All who participate, will receive Steem, I just don't know how much.


I'm @runridefly, and I'm in our tiny bedroom where my oldest son is taking an afternoon nap.

Steem On Dudes!

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This today and where are you?


07/07 Home Vancouver,WA

Nice job!!!...😁👍🏼

Great idea. Fun to see everyone. I'm kind of smiling a little. :>)
Sitting in front of the computer, where else? Just got back from a ride on the tricycle now that cooled off after dark here in Southern Florida.


@jiva34, thank you for the kind of smiling. Steem On!

Hahaha great contest of sorts ! Heres my smile and a nice cold beer for you !! Hope you like it , steem on my friend !

Thank you this is fery good kontes..
this picture of my selfie with friends at the boarding school where I serve lhokseumawe aceh and my friend there also who joined in the community steemit and I am very happy to be friends with you in the community steemit.
Thank you so mucs my freind
You have follow me @mubarak


at work at the paper.

At Washburn, my new school.

Am I late? Here's mine!

Great post and smile away! :D


Me and Max The Wonderdog, I just got home from work and enjoying some bonding time with my buddy.


Max looks like a Wonderdog. I appreciate your participation.

My Favorite Selfie with my daughter using cute Snapchat Lense


Thank you @runridefly for the Steem for Selfie award. Very cool contest. A lot of fun seeing the different Steemit community faces.

I am smiling but stranded. image
Testing out the mobile esteem app tonight!


Here's my picture, and I'm trying to smile with just my eyes; I can see that I pulled it off just a little bit. I'm actually happy, I swear

Me this morning with my coffee. My first Steemit post!

I'm out here in my shop in the Puget Sound thinking of my next great business idea.


Steemit wifi? Steem On!

This is a selfie I did where I was trying to smile "naturally." selfie


I appreciate the selfie and the smile.

My son, Damian, and I at his first MN Wild Playoff Game!


That there is an awesome selfie. Thank you.

Hey Steemians!

My future is so bright my past is going to have to apologize!!

This is a selfie of me pretending to be incognito in a public place
I have never been much of a selfie peson but i digged this one up just for you!


Hay, i am @fataelrumy, I was with my little brother in a recreation place..


Thank you for the selfie.


your welcome..😇

Zane and I in San Luis Obispo on a daytrip


Awesome selfie

This photo I took at my niece's wedding, I leave smiling because I was happy for her!


You look happy and thank you for sharing.

Im new to steemit :) Came across this after reading your target post! have a wonderful day kind sir!


Relaxing at a Tai Restaurant and enjoying a meal with my husband

This is me with my girlfriend's cat, Piccolo, after working outside all day in central AZ.

HI. NICE MEET YOU....IAM @ujuman83 KakaoTalk_20170706_102152590.jpg


Thank you for sharing. I'm following you.


Thank you.I got well.
Have a nice day.

On vacation in Hollywood, Florida three weeks ago.


Never been to Hollywood Florida. Thank you for the selfie


Just arrived at home...on a beautiful day in Aachen...Great idea!!!

Marks Phone 083.jpg
My last selfie with my wife, 3 days ago in the hospital, before she had to go away.

MEEMgurl on the move! :)


thanks for the steem man i appreciate it @runridefly

IMG_1327.JPG not big on selfies but gotta contribute!


I appreciate your contribution. Steem On!

while I was having a walk, I stop and took the selfie


I appreciate the selfie. Thank you for taking the time. Steem On my friend.

Happy day with my Hubby because we love WAGAMAMA FOOD lol.. I don't know how to post an image in the comments, I am new lol but I made my first post with my pic in it: https://steemit.com/inspirational/@baglady/quote-of-the-day-by-the-baglady

Hey everyone, @sumatranate here.

This is what tired looks like. I took this pic about 2 minutes ago. Lots of celebrations and staying up late this week. Now it is time to catch up on rest.

selfie my beard at it's longest


Smille!!! The Joker is in the house.

Just me cosplyaing.

I am a selfie addict and your invite just stoked my coals. I call this one my smart old lady look. 😜image


I appreciate your selfie. Thank you for commenting and I'm now following you. Please resteem the post so that I can achieve my goal of 50 selfies. Steem On!

Hey @runridefly, my good morning to you :)


Good 50 steem but I'll pass for now. :-)

hehehe ! great picture :)

Im camera shy, but thank you for sharing!

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Smile~~ ^_^

Have a nice day!

Cheer up!