It feels to me like a hostile takeover. There are always consequences. This could be the end.

No, those who are not accomplishing anything might be mad that these guys are doing things! If they don't want the same people doing things over and over, they should also do some things.


I understand, but ... creating a centralized side-chain / cross-chain with mutable smart contracts, what in a technical sense is not a block-chain with immutable smart contracts could bring the steem block-chain to its knee's.

Who maintains the consensus code and implement new features?

Steem is already centralized. The impact is now clear. :)

Thx, I missed that one. :)

Don't mess with me.

I still miss you. I don't know if I should convert SBD with out you

I’ve had enough decentralized nothing. I’ll take some centralized something please, thank you. With a slice of we’ll decentralize later, oh even better!

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Hey, I think I know you from some discord! Oh yeah steemspeak woohoo.