UgOs Token

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UgOs - 6 days after launch

What is UgOs?

100 UgOs 100% Upvote.

UgOs Benefits?

The UgOs account has 145K SP which is the base value of the token. This is one of the few tokens out there that no matter what happens to the price 100 tokens gives an upvote of 100% on any post or comment. This is the reason there is a buy order side on the steem-engine UgOs Trading as you can see in the screenshot below.

More from UgOs

Referral program activated

Delegation program in the future

Distribution and Information

Maximum Supply: 5,000,000


4 million locked

1 million in UgOs wallet

Distribution decisions are made by UgOs. The project has just started and I want the market to find a price before I add many more UgOs to the market. There is no rush here.

Current circulation approx. 14k (1.5k Sell Orders). See pics below

Want to Earn UgOs?

Sign up using the links below and earn 50 UgOs. Proof required on Discord channel. To join follow the link Discord


Thank you for your support :)



Check my ref on MagicDice and KryptoGamers, please.

resteemed and upvoted and following.

There is a typo. Should be 145k sp

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Thank you, it makes a big difference...hahaha

No problem. Resteemed

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Thank you for your support , and great token.. Resteem :)

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sent 100 by mistake

Nice! Resteemed and upvoted!

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