Project Spotlight: BANJO Token

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Quite possibly the most well known character around all of the STEEM Discord servers is our most beloved animatronic A.I. friend @banjo. If you haven't become acquainted with Banjo at this point, it's time to ask yourself if you've really even experienced STEEM. For those that don't know, not that it's any great secret, @banjo is the brainchild of @inertia and bridges the gap between the STEEM blockchain and Discord.

Recently, @banjo decided to start its own BANJO token to reward community engagement on posts through Discord emojis. You might be wondering how this works and while any significantly advanced technology can appear to be magic to the untrained eye, it's actually just a lot of code. Banjo monitors the Discord servers for post links and takes note of who is putting emojis on them to issue BANJO tokens to the author.

While decentralizing and issuing the token are important, the value comes from staking it. If users stake their BANJO tokens, then they will receive a vote from @banjo proportional to their stake weight versus all token holders whenever they share a post on Discord and receive an emoji. As you may know from talking to @banjo, the animatronic A.I. will likely take over the world since it's already smarter than the average human and it has already implemented ways to defend the system from abuse and will only continue to become stronger as time goes on.

This is just another great and out-of-the-box way that Steem Engine can be used to create new and unique use-cases for creating tokens for the STEEM ecosystem. If you want to find out more or get some BANJO for yourself, then click over to the Steem Engine Market today!


I´remember the old BANJO . 😎

Love me some banjo!

i suggest we use them to allow people to make banjo make sounds in the general chat like crickets, fart, etc @inertia said that would be too annoying, i dont think inertia realizes how profitable @steemitqa 's fart machine will be

Will I Get some BANJO Tokens for Just Commenting on this Wonderful Post ?? @steem-eng

No, But I will for leaving an Emoji on it after i posted it here in #post-promotion on steemitchat unless @inertia doenst let you earn off your posts emojis so i made sure to leave some more emojis on posts too

Stake banjo
Post Link

Eff Crimbot!

Face it Shane you love crimbot a lot more than you care to admit LOL

Thanks to banjo, I have already earned some tokens through discord, but I was not aware that you could stake them... well I saw the staking option, but ya know how it goes!

I am loving all the new developments on the platform!

Ha! Love it

Banjo will rule the world one day :P

Banjo is amazing! good write-up.

HODL banjo!

Ugh. Porcelain.

Shill links incoming

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Does banjo learn on its own ? Does it have machine learning capabilities.

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