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RE: Steem Engine Update- New Dex, P2P, and NFTs (December should be a very busy month)

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So a qustion: you are talking about being a DEX and rewarding Steem-engine witnesses.
It sounds like only the people involved and existing Steem witnesses are going to fire up Steem-engine witnesses when they are launched.
Granted you may allow other people to become full node Steem-engine witnesses but their will already be a bunch online at time of launch that have an early advantage.
My fear would be the existing Steem witnesses that are top 20 will instantly become steem-engine top 20 before anyone else can join
This causing more centralized control over both chains as it is the same small group of people. My view of crypto’s benefits is the decentralized world.

What is your view on this ? Or is Steem-engine not going to use the top 20 model.


It's different witnesses. Principle is the same, witness blocks, but the top 20 on Steem may or may not have any status on the steem-engine side/sub chain.

thank you for the reply.
Are team is wanting to be involved as long as the door is open to grow our community and decentralize it, awesome !!!

You are a good face for the future growth, we are just trying to raise awareness through our work also.

Can't wait for NFT's. We have a whole list of in game items to list and will be launching 2 more games to go along with it.

@simplegame It's mostly different witnesses. I know because I'm testing in testnet 😉

@contrabourdon that is good to hear. My point is this, say their is 20 new witnesses on the testnet and on launch they become the main witness backbone.
The network gets really popular within the 1st week and our goal is to attract more investment.
A new business see’s an opportunity but is already behind the curve, so they don’t invest.

I understand early adopter should benefit but large air drops of tokens during launches have in the past stopped follow on investment.

So take my company we are working on a lot. We see a future in being a node for Steem-engine.
Right now we don’t have resources on the developer side to do the test net.
If the early launch witnesses have to big of an early advantage we may down scale our plans.

Also if we want to join the testnet at this point. (This is not popular) it feels like a closed old boys club, versus the open source things we like to work on.

I could be wrong on this but this is the perception of many not in the crypto world yet.

If we want to bring in outside funds and talent this is a hurdle I encounter with my business dealings on a daily basis.

Once again thanks for the info on different witnesses as that will help calm fears.

Are you testing NFT’s ?

I need to do some testing on them. I need to write up our internal architecture docs about how we are going to implement. We have to decide this next week if this route is valid.

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