Moving to Waves exchange


Dear friends

as far we know, crypto means freedom and everybody should be free to decide with which coin exchange the own one.

In hive and steem engines there is a kind of lock on this, own coin can be exchanged with only hive or steem, without any possibility to create own pool.

One friend, @wildebunny, wroye me there is a way to do it, not in engines but in, but the fee is 1000 BEE, in Waves exchange is just 0,003!!

This is the same fee to stake the token, why it is so crazy fee?

People will never do it with own coin, only whales can do it, so this is not market freedom and it is a great pity!

We want to support people who want move to waves exchange, so everyone will buy INTEL into hive or steem engine, can swap them to Intellihandling coin into the waves exchange, the only think required is having a waves exchange registered wallet.


Could you explain me what it means with my post contest?

Sorry please, i did not mean any harm
Any inconvenience caused ie deeply regretted.

ok no problem, but as far you want to promote your post, you can find place in discord, not spamming into the others post. I know it is not a big deal, but there are user like @spamminator that can harm your reputation...

Thanks ok

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