How to build a steem-engine token upvote bot

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I wrote yesterday about my new steemengine python library, which can be use to receive token balances and transfer history about every steem-engine token.

I'm now using this library to build a small upvote bot example.

In my example, @beembot is the upvoting account. When DRAGON token have been send to it, the account will upvote. There is a whitelist, so only whitelisted accounts will be upvoted. 1 DRAGON is one 100% upvote.


First I sent 1 DRAGON from @holger80 to @beembot with the url as memo:

The transfer succeeded:

and my post was upvoted:

How does it work

I chose the get_history function for receiving the token transfer history. It would be also possible to use getBlockInfo and go through all blocks of the sidechain. get_history seems to me as a simpler solution, so I used that.

get_history returns the last limit transfers. I implemented a check with last_steem_block to skip old blocks. It would be a good idea to store this value for the case that the script is stoped and started again.


pip install beem
pip install steemengine

and setup a beem wallet

beempy createwallet

add the posting key of the upvote account in the prompt:

beempy addkey


# This Python file uses the following encoding: utf-8
# (c) holger80
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from beem import Steem
from beem.comment import Comment
from beem.nodelist import NodeList
from steemengine.api import Api
import time

if __name__ == "__main__":
    nodelist = NodeList()
    stm = Steem(node=nodelist.get_nodes())
    api = Api()
    # edit here
    upvote_account = "beembot"
    upvote_token = "DRAGON"
    token_weight_factor = 100 # multiply token amount to get weight
    min_token_amount = 0.01
    max_post_age_days = 3
    whitelist = ["holger80"]
    blacklist_tags = []
    only_main_posts = True
    last_steem_block = 1950 # It is a good idea to store this block, otherwise all transfers will be checked again
    while True:
        history = api.get_history(upvote_account, upvote_token, limit=1000, offset=0, histtype='user')
        for h in history:
            if int(h["block"]) <= last_steem_block:
            if h["to"] != upvote_account:
            last_steem_block = int(h["block"])
            if len(whitelist) > 0 and h["from"] not in whitelist:
                print("%s is not in the whitelist, skipping" % h["from"])
            if float(h["quantity"]) < min_token_amount:
                print("Below min token amount skipping...")
                c = Comment(h["memo"], steem_instance=stm)
                print("%s is not a valid url, skipping" % h["memo"])
            if c.is_comment() and only_main_posts:
                print("%s from %s is a comment, skipping" % (c["permlink"], c["author"]))
            if (c.time_elapsed().total_seconds() / 60 / 60 / 24) > max_post_age_days:
                print("Post is to old, skipping")
            tags_ok = True
            if len(blacklist_tags) > 0 and "tags" in c:
                for t in blacklist_tags:
                    if t in c["tags"]:
                        tags_ok = False
            if not tags_ok:
                print("skipping, as one tag is blacklisted")
            already_voted = False
            for v in c["active_votes"]:
                if v["voter"] == upvote_account:
                    already_voted = True
            if already_voted:
                print("skipping, as already upvoted")
            upvote_weight = float(h["quantity"]) * token_weight_factor
            if upvote_weight > 100:
                upvote_weight = 100
            print("upvote %s from %s with %.2f %%" % (c["permlink"], c["author"], upvote_weight))
            c.upvote(weight=upvote_weight, voter=upvote_account)

Store the script as and run it by



This script is only an example for a possible use case for my python library. What do you think? Do you have a idea for which I should create a script? Let me hear.

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Wow. Pretty cool. So all these tokens at least get some utility. :-) Will try to get it running for my JAR token too. :-)

check your wallet :)

This was very cool. Thanks for your work on it.


Great :)
Thanks a lot, I will keep improving my python library.

Ich schätze ich scheiße nun auf mein Abi und fang endlich an die Dinge, welche mich interessieren, zu lernen anstatt für Schule..

Z.b. Python

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These is really great. But that means the upvote bot must also have a lot of sp holding I suggest

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