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RE: Excuse me while I think out loud about Steem-Engine

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digital items I see these like rights to play songs, ownership of movies, a chainmail set in a game, a set of tokens, some collectable, a skin in a game, naming rights, digital signage, or who knows what.

Can the stores support hosting for downloadable digital items? I have an e-book on Amazon and PDFs of rules for tabletop roleplaying games on and that I'd be willing to put in a store for crypto payments if it was easy to do, but if I had to have my own site that hosted the files and interfaced with an NFT to determine ownership that seems like it could be more headache than it would be worth.


but third-party services do exist, how much would you be willing to pay for me to host your digital files? Per file, per gigabyte? I am very interested in steem-as-a-service, this is complementary so similar.

An Ecosystem has to develop, but the possibilities are within view.

I don't know, that's a hard question without a context of what the "going rate" is. Probably not very much, since I don't anticipate many sales.

yes, I don't know what I would charge either, but thinking of it as an ecosystem issue is more satisfying.

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