Steem Engine Hiccup and Update

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Last night the primary Steem-Engine node documentation node experienced a brief hiccup which suspended account history and the deposit/withdrawal script. Both systems were rebooted this morning without issue. As those scripts replay deposits/withdrawls over the last day will be processed and account history updated.

We've likely outgrown that tool and fortunately we have one to replace it. Steem-Engine has been using mongodb as our account history. We're still using mongodb, but we're adding additional functionality. with the new system you'll now be able to track a lot more. We're doing it because the initial tool that was developed wasn't design to handle all the new "operations" that are now available on, and you should experience better user experience as a result. Thisold api is getting deprecated, and here you can find the new API. (the basic functionalities available in the new tool are described at for the wallet history and for the market history


Steem Engine is looking to implement the P2P system in March or the start of April. Ongoing testing is working well. This should lead to more redundancy and faster loading times for the primary node and account history.


The Steem-Engine team is hard at working bring you market place functionality. When it's all said and done you should be able to list goods and services for sale as part of a directory or sell goods and services directly through our site or your custom interface at your own page.

These screens are still prototypes, but they should give you a sense of where the project is going. The first is the start of your own store front. So you'll be able to visit a page like$aggroed and see all the goods and services I'm offering for sale in my custom store. The second is the basis for the general market page and collections page.

There's still a lot of work left to do, but hopefully in the next 30-90 days we'll have a market and listing service that people can latch onto, sell their wares, sell other peoples wares, and make money. I'm targeting a 5% merchant fee, which is a lot less than someone like amazon at 15% or the apple store at 30%.


Can't wait for the marketplace side of things. Keen to use that in my real world photographic business!

explains why i had some issues

Having a Marketplace to sell goods will be great. Thanks

SteemLeo already has one. Check it out

It is great to see all the progress being made. A store is an excellent way to increase the offerings on Steem.

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Love the transparency and inclusive updates. You win or you learn and nothing wrong with experiencing and solving issues.

I never articulated or relayed my opinion on this to you but the vale you have provided to this blockchain and it’s users by taking the reigns of SMT 1.0 is invaluable. Besides blazing a trail for the innovation and including everyone who wanted to become part, you have been a life support system for a blockchain which saw too many leaders take their hands off the wheel.

So damn good.

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i am waiting for market place... please launch soon... this will boom steem-engine. i will move my clothing store from amazon to here after this launch ♥♥♥

Ooooh marketplace finally we can buy things that’s going to be interesting I can imagine a lot more shilling will be going on! Could also be a great place to have ads too to shill your products the way amazon does!

Well if the marketplace as an ass ton of products per category it will make sense to be able to promote it

Very cool @aggroed, the prospect of a marketplace is super exciting! I just have a feeling it's going to be the sort of use case that will bring in a whole new set of users to the Steem ecosystem... as I may have mentioned previously, one of my prior hesitations in recommending and onboarding Steem to "non-technical" folks has always been an inadequate answer to the question "So what can I DO with this 'Steem' you keep talking about?"

Well, being able to say "You can go shopping with it" (in not so many words) puts a whole new approach on the table to promote our little corner of the web. I know a lot of people are into "alternative economies," but they have to be actively functioning, not just a theory.

Thanks for working on this!

thanks for SE efforts 💙 @aggroed

the glitches be expelled and
hope the hiccups get well soon :)

also next.steem-engine in mobile and pc desktop view the opened modal popup size need to be tweak ! :)
added sort to listup

lots of etc etc to be maintenance 💙

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Having a marketplace like this would be fantastice! People can buy or sell product and services! It opens a new door and a great opportunity!

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hey i see your interested in [INTEREST] I was wondering if your doing any online work thats maiking money for you? I watched this guys training and it seems to work pretty well, [ ] let me know your thoughts its a bit of a long training but the good stuff is about 1hr in

I use and love steem-engine to buy Weedcash & other tokens, had the odd hiccup but nothing major:)

A Marketplace to buy with crypto is the future now

that is really cool!

I am unpatiently waiting for NFT trades history API. Have a must for new steem projects basing on their own non-fungible tokens.

Have you tried to access this ?
I will look into this.
I have 3 different NFT’s going for my games.

Access whole info is a bit crowded right now. Ping me when You find some easy solution!

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