Steem-Engine hardfork imminent! Scheduled for 20 minutes from now!

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Hey guys. I'm really excited for this next upgrade. We're allowing a one way increase to decimal precision and we're starting delegations! This is a big deal and opens up all kinds of models that aren't currently available. There's a small chance we'll have some wonkiness when the process starts. So, if your post totals go missing or something please don't wig out. It's the bot changing over. It'll go back to normal, but with new special powers!

Anyway, same drill as always. Everything is on a blockchain. We know all the data. If anything goes wrong we have the ability to fix it, but this baby is already working on the testnet. We're kinda expecting a few minutes of display errors as different parts of the system sync up, but after that we should be good to go!

May the eternal blockchain in the sky upvote us all tonight!

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Say Full SMT come out-What will Steem Engine do?

If SMT was superior you could just remake the coin on SMT and airdrop everyone with exactly as many coins as they have now on Steem Engine.

Yeah I know that but then what about ENG holders?

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Buying ENG is like shorting the entire SMT stack.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

LOL Payout 2356 PAL.



Now it's 1798
(5 min later)

Yaaaay....for upgrades and our enternal blockchain...and not wigging out! 😆

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it is great bundle of Thanks for all of your hard work, [email protected]

Yes we are all very thankful for steem-engine, it is hard to express it to aggroed properly.

here are some Comment Upvotes on your recent comments, 21 cents so far in upvotes just from this round, thanks for buying the SAND tokens on

thanks alot, i wana also participate in it

It's been already 13 minutes, I think.
I have lost sense of time

I think I am going crazy.

I just want to see what happens, I am not ready for this.

It feels like it's been 10 days already waiting

I hear you. The Steem blockchain always has this sort of time bending quality. 😏

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I think so far so good! Hope everything works out well!

w00t! Thanks for all of your hard work, @aggroed + co.

Making moves love it

Thats sound great! Delegations is on the way! Hope so much communities start using this system and give some projects an oportunity to grown ♥

Awesome! Apppresh the update! 😎

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Lovely decimal precision upgrade unto the hundreths of Palcoin.

Steem-engine will increase in popularity with you great development.

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Good!Come on!

...en Venezuela se ha puesto de moda la frase Vamos bien, vamos muy bien... creo que aplica para el @aggroed de esta noche... que siga la fiesta


Thank you for all of the Hard Work @aggroed .........I am Grateful to be here since the Beginning..............