Steem Engine Breakthrough! Completed my first LTC trade on!!!

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There have been a couple of stand out moments for me personally while on Steem: PAL reaching over 1,000 community members very quickly, DJing on MSP-Waves, breaking into the top 50 witnesses, making it to witness one, witness forums being successful, Steem Monsters rapidly taking off, and the introduction of Steem Engine are just a few achievements to mention!

This is one of my favorite moments on Steem to date!

I'm so fucking pumped it's unreal.

Steem-Engine is great and we can mint tokens. Those tokens are immediately liquid because you can trade all of them against Steem. That's a great first step, but it isn't the last step by any means. We have a lot more to do.


I want to make Steem-Engine the place where everyone comes to do their security token offerings in the next crypto bull market. We've gotten prices from the law firm to incorporate and setup a legally tradeable Security Tokens and legally raise money through Security Tokens Offerings (STOs). We'll get those out publicly soon.

You can already make tokens and trade them against Steem. Next up is trading against other cryptos. Not only will your token be made instantly liquid against steem, but it'll be easily traded against btc, ltc, etc. THAT'S THE DREAM AS A NEW BLOCKCHAIN BUSINESS!!!

Last, we're planning to help setup the STOs and managing the crowdfunding and distribution of the tokens!

Make Steem the number one place to launch legal STOs

What just happened?

I reached out to my network to try to find a developer to help us turn Steem-Engine from just it's own world into the larger crypto sphere. We want a full decentralized exchange. I've been working with Privex and Someguy123 for a few years now so he was one of the first places I turned. He already has a lot of knowledge of the other tokens and he had a lot of off the shelf code to accept payments from bitcoin-esque tokens because he needed it all for anonsteem and privex.

So, he took the last week or two and wrote up an open source coin exchanger! We coupled that with the Smart Contract platform and we've been able to successfully convert 1.84 LTC into into 1.83 LTCP (p stands for pegged because that token is pegged 1 to 1 with LTC). And then convert some back into LTC!


This is the first step to getting a complete DEX built on top of Steem with Steem as the main trading pair using Steem Engine! If you don't think this is bad ass then you're missing the fucking point! The dream is to make sure that our home is the central place for new STOs to launch and to do that we have to trade against more than just Steem. We need the other cryptos here, and we just got the first one working!!!

Previously, Steemit has had to run around getting us listed in a million places and we're relying on them to keep us going and trading. Here it's the oppostite. WE RUN THE EXCHANGE. WE ARE THE TRADING PAIR! We'll run nodes of other coins on Privex servers and we'll trade our tokens against all the other ones!

This is the hometown exchange for all of Steem and it's utility is going up 10x as we finalize the UI for this!


There are pretty standard protocols out there for tokens created on other blockchains. Once we get these other cryptos up and running we'll also be able to host their token networks too. Have a token on Tron and want it traded on Steem-Engine? Create a token here and we'll load that into the token converter too. Every business can bring their token here and run on our exchange traded against every other crypto this community sees fit to run FROM ANY BLOCKCHAIN OUT THERE!



Part of what I hope to host soon through Steem-Engine is us providing a service to handle KYC. This is a giant pain in the ass for everyone and a complete invasion of our liberty. It makes raising funds harder for everyone too. It's argued it's all about stopping criminals, but I'd argue it's about ensuring the criminal elite maintain control. THINK OF THE CHILDREN if people can invest their money how they see fit without government oversight and intervention!!!!

But I digress... I want to create a central database of people looking to invest, and clear them for KYC centrally and let all the people making STOs get access, and let all the people offering STOs get their info to potential KYC cleared investors! It'll be a voluntary action of course, but if an investor wants to share their KYC info with a customer we'll facilitate it! The investor fills out the form once and can apply it to 100s of new STOs without going through the process 100s of times. And the small startup business who doesn't have the full reach of an exchange can get access to the network we all collectively build.

THIS HELPS NEW BUSINESSES FORM HERE!!! Can you see the potential! Can you see how it all trading against Steem is going to help us all?!?


If that's not enough the plan is to make a full decentralized tool like shapeshift. Deposit one token/crypto , leave it on the exchange and/or get a different one out. We'll be able to do that for things like Steem-Engine tokens or Crypto20 tokens or other cryptos.

Decentralized convenience that isn't possible anywhere else on this scale.

If you're not pumped for Steem get pumped for Steem

The backend works. We're down to some of the last steps of making a UI. Sometime in early April this whole community can start trading some of the major cryptos on Steem-Engine. Then we'll work on the ability to issue their crypto20s here too. This is gonna be awesome! Get some Steem handy, free up your other coins, and get ready to trade here at home!

PS If you don't vote my witness or stopped voting my witness please consider the value I add to the community and to the Steem you hold and Vote for Aggroed! Be sure to include @yabapmatt, and @someguy123 as none of this is possible without them!


If you're not pumped for Steem get pumped for Steem

What about getting Steem to pump?

xD Steem is the must wound up spring I've ever seen.

Well it is SPRING time and next is a HOT SUMMER, forget about the FALL & WINTER for now...

Agreed. Been doing my research and that's how I came across steem. I was looking for Crypto projects that had a working product with real users. I found that here

Awesome work!

I doubt they let us low-life steem bastards to enter KYC in their shiny ivory banksters towers

I am guessing whether KYC is needed or not will depend on what the token issuer requests. The platform is the place of exchange, not the regulator.

This is GREAT! Further we go with Steem, more light we see at the end of the tunnel, can't deny that last years there was so much drama around, but at the same time, other people were breaking their backs to "Make Steem Great Again" and this message is a proof!

All the KUDOS to you @aggroed!


⬆️ 1,000th Upvote achieved! ⬆️

Can't wait till this DEX launched successfully and people are gathering here to exchange all kind of their & our Crypto each others! It sounds really Huge indeed!

Great work guys! Keep up the Fire! 🔥👍

Absolutely, wow! Love the teams work on this and I am really looking forward to this stuff starting to be released. I've been working on my a new alternative ui for the dex in my spare time as well.

Will the ability to trade against other SE tokens all be coming outside of known crypto pairs? If I wanted to trade DRAMA for @berniesanders SHIT for example.

Fan fuckin' tastic! I want to be involved in marketing this (for free, of course, because as an investor in this platform and a SP holder I stand to benefit hugely from projects like this). Please inform Steemians when you have marketing materials ready for Steemians who want to do so to go and market this to people in the crypto space. There are many forums where information about what Steem Engine can do should be spread.

Awesome! This could make it many times easier for us to get new and bigger websites up and going that would be interested in having their own token. Thank you for the good work you guys are doing!

Centralized token engine.. no thank you :)

Its gonna be decentralised.

We've gotten prices from the law firm to incorporate and setup a legally tradeable Security Tokens and legally raise money through Security Tokens Offerings (STOs).

We'll run nodes of other coins on Privex servers and we'll trade our tokens against all the other ones!

Create a token here and we'll load that into the token converter too.

I want to create a central database of people looking to invest, and clear them for KYC centrally and let all the people making STOs get access, and let all the people offering STOs get their info to potential KYC cleared investors!

Yeah, none of this sounds like decentralization and it isn’t “voluntary” if they are seeking legality, which comes with regulatory compliance. If there are legal security tokens and outside (of crypto) investors, then there will be KYC and further centralization.

I was referring to decentralising the nodes and transactions verification. As far as I understand, the KYC is voluntarily.

This is a hybrid approach. The backend is decentralized. Trades go through the Steem Blockchain for consensus and are picked up by the nodes for verification and processing.

The front end is a business providing services that enhances what can be done on the dex. KYC is to participate is fund raising activities through the website not for trading. It's optional and voluntary, but it's meant to facilitate STOs on the Steem platform.

You can't pass through the KYC exchange of $CIVIC like $BAT does for its wallets?

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Greatest recent news I hear. Now let's just take a moment to notice that STEEM is achieving all this without even being smart contract platform. I mean we started out as some Reddit+Medium and look where we are at now.

Thank You All You Developers For All The Hard Work!

Put me on the list. And I suspect @apshamilton is very interested too.

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Bring it Baby

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Great job @aggroed.

This is really amazing. It is a truly incredible project. I love where the thinking is going. STO! Fully DEX! Dshift!

These are the ideas that are going to tap into what is being created in the industry. A lot are focusing upon the fiat to crypto. The future lies in going from crypto to crypto. People are already starting to acquire a lot of different currencies for doing all kinds of things and that is only going to grow. We are seeing the formation of a new economy and Steem is at the core of it.

Thanks to the development of projects like this, STEEM has a very bright future.

This is exciting stuff @aggroed and team!

You are totally rockin it guys!
The Future looks pretty bright with all those interconnected projects that are going on. Lets be honest the last six months where Steemmonsters, Keychain and Steemengine where introduced so much more value and utility for Steem has been created. Thats just awesome!
Just some random thoughts from my side. I came up this article that the Ethereum Gaming Network LOOM is interconnecting EOS and TRON onto their PlasmaChain for Games They got a ton of Games coming out soon for those Network and all those gaming Tokens will be tradeable on the Loom Network. It would be great to see Steemengine and or Steemmonsters collaborating with them as well.
Two other projects around Gaming Dapps are Enjin and Wax. IMO they are also great target markets that I would love to see trading pairs on Steemengine.

Those kinds of things are possible. Just a matter of time and money. I bet that's all on here before 2019 is over though.

Steem-Engine just keeps getting better


This is an absolute game changer, congrats to your team and thank you.
Now we need to get all the token issuing DApps on board first. As someone else has just commented, I'd love to trade my @dlike tokens for some Steemhunts...or better still, some Drama tokens!!
I truly hope the DApps that have grown-up here on Steem will be the first ones clamouring to join in. I won't however, hold my breath!


Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Suppose an accounting or consulting business wanted to offer a token; and that same business would provide all professional services for free to any account holder that held more than a fixed number of tokens; the token could also be used by anyone to pay for services at a discount; the firm would use a portion of fiat profits to buy and burn the coin every quarter... Could you make that happen?

Great stuff! I know that many appreciate what you a leading here and what those behind it are working hard for. This is only the beginning!

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SwEeT my brother! Sounds abSoLuTlY fantastic!

I will be interested in listing a STO once more info. on legal side is available. I have had one in mind for awhile now.

This is a small step for steem blockchain, but a giant reach for mankind.

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I can’t even login to steem engine. It’s broken

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I think I speak for most of us when I say:
We're pumped when you're pumped!
I'll have to read the post a few more times before I completely understand, but this sounds awesome! Keep up the good work, sir :D

Congratulations with this big milestone of LTC transaction! Keep it up!

This is awesome. I am dying to see all this coming to steem. All the best..

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Wow I am pumped after reading this post!

Highly rEsteemed!

Maybe give this guy an update for the exposure?

Crikey! Who is this guy? Delusions of grandeur much? If he came onto Steem and started flagging people, what did he think was going to happen?


get ready for the Panic...

Just another nut job conspiracy theorist weaving narratives from rumour and gossip then?

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I'm on cloud 9 right now...bout go get paid doing what I love and I am finally getting into the digital currency markets! Thank you so much for this.

This is great to hear that it is coming soon. I was hoping for something like this for a long time.
A format like Shapeshift would work wonderful for doing exchanges,
have you also considered adding an 'advanced' interface that could be like binance for investing or an MT4 interface (or even linking to tradingview to trade with their charts) to bring it up to be a professional investment trading platform once you have completed this major addition to steem?

I was talking about your project to a good friend yesterday ...!!!
Congrats, I am sure everybody is very excited for this!!

Well done!

Excellent news!

Wow that's awesome to hear! Great development for Steem

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You guys are on the cutting edge. Thanks for all your hard work. The next couple years are going to be very exciting. Kudos.

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Awesome job @aggroed. Keep up the great work

Congrats on all of your milestones, your work has benefited us all. Thanks for all you do for Steem!

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How exactly does the peg work?

That sounds awesome

Thank god kyc is vouluntary 😁

This is so fucking exellent to finally read that its taking off!! Big pat on the back!

Trading steem against other currencys would bring us back up to top 10 hopefully. And maybe a manisfestation in the workings, to change the powerdown time of SP would compliment for more trading action... 😊

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This is Big! this makes me even more excited to own a token on this exchange and let me know if i should help dex testing again :D

This is AWESOME!

Have to agree. this is fucking huge. Great!

Can’t wait to see that UI and to trade at home! Wish come true

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This is awesome guys. And such a huge achievement. I can’t wait to be able to convert my other crypto back to Steem using this which I’ve been putting off doing for ages since I can’t be bothered using the usual exchanges lol.


Uh oh, great news. :O

Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 10.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
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Even as a novice to crypto and coding, yet I could still feel the weight of the explanations given!

You’re truly amazing @aggroad!

My regards to your team members!

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Will we be able to trade steem based tokens too? I’d love to trade some hunt tokens for Actifit tokens just because I can!

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Both of those tokens aren't based on Steem Engine sadly.

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If they create steem-engine tokens or created a token on a different platform that we support then yes.

aggroed you are a talent.Excellent post. I understand 95.59% in this post, and if you post more beautifully,if you're not pumped for Steem get pumped for Steem
What about getting Steem to pump? and Awesome! This could make it many times easier for us to get new. dramatoken
Bring it Baby.

At this rate Steemit Inc is just gonna give up on SMTs and we will all use Steem-Engine 😄💯 And I’m not even complaining, yalls platform is great!!

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Sweetness!!! Super Awesome!

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If I understand this correctly, this breakthrough effectively renders Bitshares obsolete 🧐 Amazing news, look forward to the future of STEEM-Engine. Sounds like some big things comin’ down the road!

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I hope to work with bitshares. They have a whole series of tokens and users that are over there. The goal is to build a bridge so if they choose to they can create all of their tokens on the steem engine and trade on both steem and bts.

Follow me i follow back

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This is absolutely incredible @aggroed!!!
How long have we been waiting for SMT's? And here you are coming up with idea after idea and implementing and producing at lightning speed - now even building a token platform and a decentralised exchange!!

You guys are offering INCREDIBLE value to the Steem network. Everything you do translates to economic empowerment to each and every Steemian in some direct or indirect way.

I hope everyone realizes that, especially once the Steem price goes up again, and knows how much you contributed to that.
I have just voted for @yabapmatt and @someguy123, too.

Thank you!

Great news, I am happy to read it, another knowledge, thank you.

Wow. That really is huge news.

Whooot that is great news and we will see our token traded against many others.

This make me dream even more about the BEER token from Steem-engine and some real business around this.

Great job. Will be here to help at least in communications.

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Cheech!!! I've haven't been around for while, and has the first post I look on my feed, that is a hell of a news!!! Keep on the great work! 👍

Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 10.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
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Great to hear about the decentralized aspects!
May be some concern about consent and legal centralized items.

This is so amazing !! Thanks for the post ! I’m glad I’m back at such an exciting time ... have a fabulous day !

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So exited that I nearly closed without resteeming!

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a couple of things that we have to do still, in order to make this a viable platform for everyone to use. First and foremost, we have to make people want to use it. I see there a lot of communities that are still waiting for the smart media token protocol, when it's obvious that either delayed or not coming at all. So, I'll definitely be helping to promote if you guys would like. Also, one of the currencies that you should make people able to trade against? Lumens. That's actually one of my favorites, I buy them a heck of a lot more than I do Bitcoin, that's for sure.

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Dope da dope dope

Thats are really good news! 😎
(I really didn't yet realized the powerful of Steem-Engine)

I can't wait to start trading BTC on Steem Engine!

(Resteemed, because I need to re-read it to better digest it, LOL) 😂

A huge hug from @amico 🤗

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Can you give repo of someguy's coin exchanger?

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Steem needs all its engines pumping! Great idea to make Steem Engine a place to trade top cryptocurrencies, while having STEEM as the main pair!

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Am impressed by this great technical value you are adding to the #steem platform. However, am a novice in programming and though with some good ideas to build useable tokens on #steem. I wish @steemengine could add some guides/tutorials to get that done. I see it that the more tokens paired to #steem, the greater the value of #steem will be.

Once again, thanks @Aggroed and Team.

You already have my witness vote. I've voted for:
@yabapmatt, and @someguy123



This is huge, putting Steem first, thanks @aggroed.

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Awesome, please please we need a fiat to steem with mastercard gateway, please don't ignore this, at least tell me if it will be possible. Thanks

Right now I want to buy steem, but I have to buy btc first, but I have to wait for a correction in the btc charts, cuz I can smell one, so I could then buy at cheaper, trade for steem, meanwhile steem might have risen in value, I honestly wish I could purchase steem directly with mastercard

Consider using existing KYC services like Netverify for example. You really don’t want the risk of storing everyones’ details.

These are always sticky issues. I'm observing how the fed is going after many crypto projects especially over whether or not they are considered securities.

The team behind BEOS have been doing a deep dive with their lawyers trying to get things right.