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RE: Introducing "Nitrous" to supercharge your Steem-Engine Community

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side note intercepting some hatemail coming my way later: Part of the reason to leave Nitrous closed source is that we likely can't support other systems anyway. If you spend some time building your own site to integrate in the token you're welcome to do that and we can supply the api that we use, but there's no support! If something goes wrong we don't have people that can help you fix it. If you don't care and you're sure you can do it, then great, but it's not currently an option. So, that's heavily impacting the decision to only support the thing that we ourselves are becoming experts on by building it.


Thank you Aggroed and can we ask, since we want steem-engine cheap, what token shoudl we buy up on to hgelp? The Steem Monsters Security Token/ Do we need to APPLy to buy that or can we just buy it when its on the market?

Anyway Id love to buy an aggroed coin, and honestly many of us have expressed a wish that @ned make you CEO or at least some steemit inc position, but I understand you guys already did work together, but I just wish ned would adopt Steem-engine and I dunno, I just feel he could run with this now.... maybe its best hes not getting involved but I mean he could really use this to raise the bar for SMTs.... SMTs better have some SERIOUS projects on them now if Steem-engine tokens are taking acre of all the community projects..... this REALLy lit a fire under neds bely and will force him to risk a lot more in trying to get larger partners to comne to steem to show off their shibney new SMT...... For example I saw some github sites of a possible SMT by a south korean Sea World type amusement park, executive, and using official main net SMTs for big amusement parks in Soeul could be huge, I think a San Diego ZOO SMT could be huge too, Science and academics should really love steem if we build enough speciual scghool and university front ends

anyway sorry for rambling but I have a lot of ideas again since youve been making steem 10 times as valuable single handedly it seems @aggroed :D

If you want to buy a coin to help buy eng. The more eng I have the more things I can do to speed up development. We've been doing this on a shoestring the whole time. If it takes off watch out!

SMTT has a minimum purchase of $10k. There are legal fees every time we sell it to a new person so we need to actually claim value instead of simply forking money over to attorney's and governments.

You're essentially a managed service provider for the Steem blockchain, which is common in the technology world. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have been putting into this!

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