Now trading EOS on Get your EOS token listed too!

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Well, we (someguy123) have been working on this baby for a while. I'm very stoked to announce that can now accept deposits and withdrawals for EOS!

In total we're trading steem, btc, ltc, doge, bch and now EOS.


We can start listing EOS TOKENS for sale as well!

If you have an EOS token and would like to get it up on the exchange please reach out to me on Discord-


The Vision of Steem-Engine is to be a one stop shop for all your token and securities trading needs as well as launching your own ICO, STO, or custom community!

We started with the Dex.

We've add other cryptos.

We've made it so you can build your own communities with scot, scotbot, and now various ways to view the material.

Now we're adding EOS and their tokens.

I'm currently working on making Steem-Engine a licensed US securities exchange. The dream is to be able to trade your newly minted community token for any crypto you want. If you'd like to opt in to KYC/AML you'll be able to trade cryptos for securities like amazon, facebook, and tesla.

All these pieces take time to put into place, but you'll be able to do things on steem-engine that you can't do anywhere else in the world.


I just tried this out.

Played Steem Monsters and earned DEC tokens.

Send DEC tokens to Steem Engine and traded them for STEEM.

Traded STEEM for EOS (with pain in my heart).

Withdrew EOS to a wallet and it arrived 1-2 minutes later for a 1% fee.

So easy. Almost frictionless. Fantastic job!

Amazing. I love and holdl all of Dan's creations...BitSahres, Steem and EOS! Oh yah!

to celebrate these new eos-based steem-engine tokens, also gift-able via ShareBits to users over two dozen social media platforms... 💪

I just gifted you and up to 100 other STEEM users a 100% STEEM UpVote from my account via ShareBits! It expires in 14 days, so please claim it at before that time! 😄

Glad to see steem block chain development continuing. Hopefully these steps will begin to realize price gains and larger community excitement.

In another life I would understand programming enough to help with the cause.

Looks like a great way to encourage more steem useage.
How is a market on BTCP made? What is the cost of withdrawing BTCP? Does the end user pay a withdrawal fee plus BTC mining fees?


Exciting news! Excellent job guys. The activity and creativity of our community never fail to amaze me. Considering all the current developments happening on our blockchain, the Steem price just seems to be a bad joke. But I am sure it only is a matter of time before it is reflected :)

Well said brow 👍

have you got your EMFOUR token yet ?

No. What is that?

Thanks. I will check it out.

A great step.

But we need depth.

Haiku <3

An Hayku neal started

This poetry on steemit

With class aggroed finished

How is 3/4/3 a haiku?

The Haiku Spirit
is more than merely numbers.
Essense is 'One Breath'.

We are a creative crowd here in Steemit thats a street hayku ;)

Or a bad hayku

Commenting so Haiku is re positioned

Holy shit this is cool!

I love the smooth launch of this platform, how it basically launched SMTs without waiting around, enabled steem groups to tokenize their community for more fun and engagement, and now this!

I would rather cheer the leaders and innovators than bitch about whales and bots. Here is another reason to cheer.

Well done! I am going to play more with this as I earn my coveted beer tokens! ;)

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I just tested it and bought EOSp with my STEEM rewards, and i withdrew it to my eos main net account!

@aggroed is a hero of steem and i am now busy talking to various EOS project telegrams from PEOS, PSO, ANX, PTI, CHL as I try to convince them to buy the $350 listing fee, very cheap, so they can get potentially more trade volume than they currently get on !

This is good news. Thanks. The last month on is a lot of SNAX. It is built on EOS and has its Snax token. There are no exchange or exchange offices yet.

i'm sure koreans will be even more excited now :)
good job 👍

Great Job! I love EOS.

Do you plan add FUTURE token (from drugwars) on steem-engine? This is very popular app. I think it's not problem.

Are you planning to add eth + erc20 tokens as well?

Amazing how much is already possible with Steem Engine. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for this new update. I'm already in.

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You should totally add the BOID token. I am just a user, but I will reach out to the team on Telegram and have them get with you.

Wow this is mad cool

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Man this news is great. I love that you gave us a shot to get the mining tokens before this came out.

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well done guys

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Sounds pretty lit I would guess there are plans to expend it even further into others such as Ethereum and Tron ?

Very impressive to see the fast development in the right directions. Any plans for Marketing this product to the public?

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Great step. So can we trade out of out steem wallet?

Hi, @aggroed!

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This is very nice coloured with exceptional flexibility in the cryto-world.

Awesome addition, this puppy is growing into a beast.

Trading crypto's for stock is some next level shit. Groundshaking if you can pull it off.

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Thanks for the news!

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I hear EOS is a sleeping giant. Awesome! :)

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I'm seeing a bright future ahead. Looking forward for the future of this project.

EOS y XRP centralizados a mas no dar...

Wow this is really great. @appics already collaborated with Eos and coming with dual block chain tokens. And now this sweet news. Steem is not competing, it's just moving forward by connecting every crypto out their.

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The developments 💯👍🏼

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Not a huge fan of eos but...

Stunning mate!! Thank you to you and the team there...We have the greatest devs here!!

Amazing! It’s you guys that are busting your arses to make the steem blockchain better that keeps me around for sure! So glad to see Steem progress like this! Keep it in the ecosystem!

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I have traded some there today 👍

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