Dswap.trade now works on Steem-Engine

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In case you missed it the Engine team has been working hard on two key pieces to the token ecosystem. A market maker and a market taker. Today I'm announcing that you can use the Market maker on Steem-Engine.

A market maker is where a program places bids and asks on the exchange for you. You do it on the same same trading pair with a small spread between them and you're able to passively make money because of the spread. We have people seeing annual gains of 50+% even though the tool is new and they are inexperienced using it. Scale matters. It won't work with millions of dollars, but if you have a few hundred dollars and want to play match maker in the market you can make some bank.

A market taker is when the tool actually accepts bid and asks that others have made. This happens when someone has decided they are trading one token for another right that second and so they take the offer that someone else has placed.

We have a market maker working. The market taker is still under development. The market maker has been working for a month or so on Hive-Eninge. Today I'm announcing that it works on Steem-Engine too.

Go to https://dswap.trade and you'll be able to sign in and toggle between steem and hive. Now you're able to run the program. it requires burning and staking some ENG (which is extremely cheap right now) and you're able to start market making.

You can find out more here: https://peakd.com/dswap/@aggroed/dswap-alpha-rolls-on-out-visit-https-dswap-trade


Happy to see your posts again.
I think this is a big surprise that has tremendous potential.

That's wise and also somewhat brave of you to continue to support Steem-Engine.

Thanks for this information.

which is extremely cheap right now

I will take it as a hint to take a very serious look at this project.

Hi @aggroed, I bought the basic version and I am in cooldown now. After the 2 weeks will the cooldown be automatically over and the account enabled again?

You will have to enable the account again yourself (it won't automatically re-enable), but yes, after the cooldown period is finished the time limit will reset and you can use it for 2 more weeks.


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