A note about layer 2 solutions

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I want to let you know a little something about layer 2s. This is sparked by the Tronit thing. People seem like they are freaking out a little, but I would urge some calm.

Here's why

A layer 2 is in many ways blockchain independent. The steem blockchain has no idea what steem-engine stuff or splinterlands stuff is. It's just text. It's not an executable command to the steem blockchain like a vote command or transfer is.

So, layer 2s are fairly protected and insulated from movements of chains and such. We need the primary chain for ID and a key system. It's a public log of what we do. But we could actually run steem-engine by taking hand written notes and manually entering them into a database if we knew who authored the note, we could run off of Tron, we could run off Steem, we could run off a variety of scenarios.

I'm building what I think of as a powerhouse app

Imagine instead of signing into and registering to facebook, reddit, ebay, amazon, fivver, amazon, monster.com and a bunch of other major sites you just had to log into one. Imagine being able to selectively share parts of your profile with each one. So, your one blockchain account could log you into all those sites. Well, that's the kind of thing I'm working on. We won't have the initial number of people they do, but we'll have

Massively less transaction fees
A single sign on experience to a shit ton of utility
More control over your personal experience
Ability to start a business with essentially a blockchain account and key.

I'm not going to stop building this because of Tronit. I think it's a powerful experience. As long as account names can be verified by keys and I can read headblocks steem-engine is ok.

Long live layer 2.


Thank you for explaining this. Far too many people are freaking out. This is the best thing that could happen to Steem. Getting recognized by a top 25 chain and a blockchain leader to the point of adoption. I think that Steem future has been significantly de-risked.

I will go with the flow and adapt to the change.

Yeah everybody’s insanely freaking out, thanks for clarifying! At least not worried about se any longer! lol

Seems like a pretty cool proposition, would be interested to see how it plays out. Once it has enough support, companies would be foolish not to accept a big 2-layer thing like your vision when creating accounts.

It only takes one full witness mode with full API to keep the blockchain going regardless.

Full APIs cost $50 a month now.

really cheap :)

Super cheap. Well within our monthly budgets

We can always start a new chain cloning Steem, but if Tron exercises enough control over Steem witness voting, the original chain could be “sunset” and made inoperable. This is just speculative FUD on my part, but if it is an actual swap of tokens, then every user who opts to migrate to Tron’s Steem 2.0 voluntarily hands more governance control of Steem 1.0 to Tron. It wouldn’t take much to give them full control.

Another bad thing could be that Tron's STEEM need to 'pay' transaction fees since it's just one token on the Tron blockchain then. So in fact there is the need to keep the both chains totally separated.
Am I right with my view on transaction fees? Not sure...

@aggroed do you think steem will become a tron shit token? I think steem has a great future if it doesnt get destroyed by some morons.

Connect 2 chains would be awesome and benefit both,

integrate steem into Tron looks for me like a big waste, Steem is so awesome with SMT, Communities and all this nice D apps like SE, Tribes, SM, NC, Frontends, ....

So, something like steemconnect?

Would this layer 2 keep keys (or encrypted passwords) too, to log into other places?

Nice to hear. I was thinking the same thing. Steem-Engjne is layer 2 and independent.
As long as it runs I can keep building out games based on NFT’s. Layer 1 can be anything.
Are you still planning on decentralizing ?
Guess we will know more tomorrow

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This is clearly good for businesses and DApps running on layer 2. Time for us all to shine mainstream, each has an opp to attract new users. I believe most feel the Steem experience will change, but I doubt Sun bought a stake to make it tank (further) by disturbing the community out right.

That would be great. Looking forward to hearing more on this.

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I'm actually very optimistic about layer 2 solutions, Tronit caught me off guard but you can ask me again in 2 weeks.

What about the actual steem blockchain? Can they force us off of it to move over to posting on the tron blockchain...? This is all so very confusing 😣

Some great points to help people understand on a very basic level..

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