Aggroedian Silver: AGAG

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I've listed AGAG for sale. It's currently backed by 20 silver 10oz bars. Each Token = 1 oz of silver. Silver can be redeemed by contacting me in Discord at a rate of $2/bar + shipping and handling.

If you'd like to own silver or trade it with crypto here is your chance.

For more details please see the description under the info tab.

If you'd like to purchase it you can find it here:


I've listed 50 for sale. When those are sold out I'll list another 50 until all 200 oz are sold. If you're interested in a large order please message me.

Current pricing puts them roughly $1.60 over spot.


wow this is big

wow.. asset backed tokens on steemengine..
now it gets serious!

@goldmatters Any way to get a mene-backed token to follow suit on something like this for gold???? :)

Thanks for asking! I’ve had a few people ask for this. It’s something I need to learn more about

Excellent. I for one look forward to when you turn that curiosity into making it happen!

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I bought the first one. I'm hoping you can include a Splinterlands T-shirt when you ship it :)

Wow that’s a genius-level chess move right there

We need to start buying up cheap silver locally, make a localbitcoins for gold and silver. we could also use a token to sell local metal testing services, we can have network of steem assayers :D

Wow, this price is so mouth watering, but considering my distance Africa, Nigeria to be precise will i get my order if i buy ?

You would need to buy a token, give that token back to me, contact me in discord, send me $2 and pay for shipping, but yes.

If I were you I would be stacking and holding silver. It's revving its engines, moon coming.

Had to pick me up one. Great idea 💡

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I just had to pick up one of these from @Aggroed. Just buy a 500 OZ Monster Box haha

Wow! I don’t have a lot of freed up STEEMP right now but this is an interesting alternative steem-engine investment that I will certainly keep in mind going forward.

By the way, you are da bomb! I love what ya’ll are doing with steem-engine and hope ya’ll continue doing it. It is nice to see vision and action combined in one place.

If for some reason steemit ever drops the ball completely I hope ya’ll are there with enough money to pick it up and run. I know this is heretical to some, and modesty would probably have you downplaying it. Just saying.

Let's continue to tokenize assets and really see the full potential of blockchain!

Shouldn't it be $20/bar?

We're talking $2/bar as my labor to ship you something. Plus the cost of the actual shipping. Plus the cost of the silver at that time. So, if you want me to ship you a bar it's $20+ shipping right meow.

But here's hoping people just let this chill on the net.

Got it, thanks. Keep pushing the envelope!

So if I have this right, you purchase 10 Aggroedian Silver Tokens (currently @ about 703 STEEM) contact @aggroed by discord, pay $2 + shipping and handling (price undisclosed) and he will send you a 10 oz bar of silver.

What advantage is owning less than 10 Aggroedian Silver? It is nonredeemable less than 10, correct?

I mean, I can send you the silver bars, but the main point is to have a silver backed token.

You can buy 10 tokens, contact me in discord, give me the tokens, give me $2, and whatever it'll cost for shipping. Then you can get silver from them.

The main point though is to have a silver backed token.

C'mon, us stackers are interested in stacking, more than promissory tokens. 😀.

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That’s fair. It’s all voluntary.

The first silver pegged token on Steem! :P

I was looking at things to spend my 75 dollar amazon gift card and i posted about some silver grid like slabs that you can break off like chocolate

I bet you could get silver below spot by offering to buy up silver in yoru local areaa Just like people do with Bitcoin (and we can even MAYEB a localbitcoins for silver and gold.. why hasnt anyone done that lol) AND THEN WHEN YOU BUY UP all teh CHEAP silver in your area from people wanting to get the best price, when you can never get spot locally... we can accept spot and then have so much local silver... AND THEN we can compete with aggroed and make our OWN silver tokens :D But ours can be backed by a pegged eosio token, with a smart contract on EOSIO that controls some pre packaged FEDEX boxes, maybe theres a way to keep packages AT fedex or UPS on standbye and have them already have shipping flat rate paid for, and when soemeonw ants to redeem a $100 worth fo silver they get a package froma smart contract :D ok sorry thats too copmplicated

but i bet we could have a network of gold and silver stored in safety deposit boxes and if they used pegged EOSIO assets we could use eosio smart contracts and maybe reach some deal with a silver company :D

great idea man
i guess you only ship to the US then if your in america
i dont need any just curious if you ship international

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