Fancy a Lift To Next Week's Steem Dublin Meetup? Steem Dublin August 26th

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Hi all, just here to remind you to head out to the pub with us next weekend! As usual we're doing it on the last Saturday of the month, at 18:00 in The Duke Pub, Duke Street (just off Grafton Street). There'll be a little free Steem for everyone who attends! Check out our previous meet ups:

It's a stretch-limo for picking us all up on 26th August and Steeming us off to the Duke meet-up in style. What time should i have the glad rags on?

Inspired by @deirdyweirdy's comment, we're going to offer someone a lift into the Steem Dublin meetup next weekend.

If you're in the Dublin area and heading to the meetup, leave us a comment below and we'll get in touch on Steemit Chat! It's first come first served, but we'll see if we can pick up a second person if they're in the same area. Also, for reasons related to alcohol and licenses, we can only do the pick up on the way in, you'll have to sort yourself out for the way home...

As for the meetup itself, it's just a casual social event, we like to talk about issues relating to Steem and to see what we can do to support local Irish users. Even if you're completely new, we're glad to help get you started.

- @demotruk

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I hope to be going again, looking forward to it

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

I plan to be there too!



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AuToMoBiLe. luckley fOr mE I LoSt aLl SeLF ReSpEcT lOnG tImE BaCk So pIcK mE Up uP oN ThE cOrNeR.


Send us a message on so we can arrange it. (I'm @demotruk there too)

This is awesome! Unfortunately won't be able to make the meet this time (I am in Tyrone presently), but just stopping by to say we now have our very own #Ireland channel on Would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word. Slainté!

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By investing at the right time

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BTW nice post...
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