Introduction of new service 'Statistic of steemit Accounts' - [Accusta]

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Are you interested how much did you earn on Steemit platform?
Are you interested how much author`s and curator’s reward did you get?
Do you need statistics for a week or month period?


I would like to introduce you with a new service ACCUSTA. This service will help you to achieve clear level of understanding your data and definitely it will help to make decisions and plans.


In this service you can see:

  • Weekly and monthly data grouping:
    • Posts
    • Author Rewards
    • Curations Rewards
  • Steem Power down statistics (In Developing)
  • Full history of Account wallet with filters(In Developing)


This is first release of Accusta for Steemit. And the functional is very limited, but within a week I plan to add:

  • Steem Power down statistics (In Developing)
  • Full history of Account wallet with filters(In Developing)

I'm waiting for your reviews and suggestions in the comments
Repost and upvote are extremely necessary. This affects the speed of development of the system

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Thank you

Выражаем поддержку!



It took a while to load my account, maybe because it has generated a lot of blocks.

Overall it looks like a good start to a token/earning focused service, which is a good focus to have for some.

There are some translation omissions: The date box and the blue button visible in the background.

Are you making the source code available?

After you're done developing everything else, and you need a new idea for it ( :P ) adding witness SP rewards would be a good final step to cover all income from the network.


Some translation omossion are already corrected.
It's possible to open the source code. Thank you for the great idea about witness SP rewards, i'll realise it and besides
I think to realise benefactor SP rewards
Thank you for your opinion, feedback and support. Update with new functionals will appear today.


[Accusta] Witness`s rewards (v 0.7)

  • Added witness SP rewards

Welcome to use. Thank you for support, idea and feedback

Кросавчег! Наш пострел везде поспел! 😎



welcome to the steemers family


Thank you

This will be really useful to all. Thanks for this initiative. Upvoted and resteem for more visualization. Well done.


Thank you

WOW resteem for support and personal reference. I think this will be browser bookmarked right next to Keep up the great work sir


Thank you
Updates you can see

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