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in steem-dev •  last year

It's a simple thing I would have liked to fix myself but the files are not available to me as far as I can tell.
The Reputation for my account is at 43 and is correct on all pages except for one, the transfers (wallet) page.
Here are some screenshots of the issue I have;
In this screenshot from the posts page you can see that my name is Capitalized (my account name is not capitalized), and the Rep is at 43.

In the next screenshot from my transfers or 'wallet' page, my name is lower case, and the Rep is set to the default of 25;

I posted this as an issue on the steemit/consenser repo but the issue may be in the steem-js repo I am not sure.


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Yeah... this has been the case for quite some days now. It's very annoying and it's not only the rep.. sometimes your followers etc also don't load... always scares me!


It is fixed, that was good service wow!


and it's only fixed if you get at the page from one direction my bad for cancelling the github issue but I guess it's a duplicate anyway.