WRM service. Introducing a new free service. Resteems search service.

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Hello dear friends!
I did not write the posts a month. I'm not missing, I've been with your all month and I supported your posts. I didn't have time to write posts. Why? Because a month ago I had a good idea and I decided to implement it. The idea came after I couldn't find resteems of my posts. I began to look on Steemit tools to help me find resteems. I was really upset because I didn't find anything. And suddenly in my mind appeared the thought:

"Why look for? I know the basics of JavaScript and I can try to make a search tool for resteems!"

I have been thinking about the algorithm of my tool for a long time. Then I found a wonderful database. Her author is @arcange. This is a very cool developer of tools for Steemit. He developed SteemSQL, SteemitBoard, Steem.NET and SteemToolbar. And he's a Witness! I began to develop a script to search for resteems in SteemSQL. Two weeks later, my script was ready and I began testing. Everything worked well. And suddenly in @arcange blog I saw a post that SteemSQL access became paid. It really upset me. Especially I was upset about the cost of access, 10 SBD per month.

Wow! 10 SBD is fair value, but I don't make that much money on Steemit.

I started looking for other ways to work with my instrument. And I've found it! I learned about PostgreSQL. This is a free excellent database. I installed PostgreSQL on my computer and started rewriting all scripts again. Two days ago I finished setting up my resteems search tool and started testing. The first tests were successful and today I can announce the beginning work of my tool.

I called it "WRM service". WRM - Who Resteem Me.

How does it work?

Write a comment to your post. The comment must start with the command !WRM! After the command !WRM! you can write any text. Important: you should comment only post itself with the command !WRM! Replies to other comments will not be accepted.


The script tracks all Steemit comments, finds comments with the command !WRM! and saves them to the database. Every 3 hours the script runs search for resteems, then he publishes a post with a report. The script is working in beta mode and errors are possible. Of course there will be errors. Ha-ha. But together we will fix them. If you did not find your request in the report, update your comment containing the command !WRM! and wait for the next post with the report. There is one limitation! During the beta mode resteems will be available for posts created within last 14 days..

The resteem database support will be paid from the royalty fees for reports. If you like the service and support it with your upvotes, then I will add new features to WRM service.

All reports will be published by @tainika account with the tag "wrm".
My employer has recently added to me more job. And I can't frequently visit Steemit. So I won't be able to answer all your questions, comments and suggestions quickly. I'm sorry in advance. I will collect all your questions and suggestions and will answer in my next posts.

Example of report WRM



Congrats @dmiton you are a crack like they say in spain. I know very little about technology but it sure is fascinating! All the best with WRM!!!

Ha-ha In Russia we say: "You are unexpected as diarrhea". Thank you @art-meetup!:)

Lol, this is one if the best expression I've ever heard! We laugh for quite a while with it!

you have something new which i didn't know about... thanks for the information 👍

You are welcome!:)

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This is great! Imgoing to test it out with a comment, too curious. I have to admit that I will try a little scripting on my side just to see how it works (thanks for the info) for personal satisfaction, but your idea is brilliant, yet simple!

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Useful information. It's in steemit there is no suggestion to post every day. However, one post will be more meaningful if there is information that can inspire other stemians.

congratulation my friend.. you did a great work. all the best my friend

Very interesting! I enjoyed your blog.


genesis post 2
thanks for upvote...

Sounds interesting and helpful. Will surely try this out. Thanks you for developing and sharing it.

ideas are amazing and very useful. you are great friends

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thank you sir.

Thank you for information

Congratulations and thank you


Sounds interesting...will try it out..nice post.

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Sounds a great tool for steemians..thank you! Enjoy the weekend ahead:)

You do a good job @dmiton , you have to continue and good luck !

greetings from @launglilawangsa for you @dmiton, I get a lot about steemians from you, thank you buddy. greeting steemit.👍👍🙏🙏

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Seems interesting, will follow. Thanks for the upvote too @dmiton.

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very good your post

That's cool, let's try it and see if we help you!


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Great post just followed you 👍

So I just put that WRM as comment on whichever post I want to check?

hey @dmiton, thanks for giving the spirit in terms of voting, hopefully my future I can work better on this platform, and do not hesitate to visit my blog, there I discuss all about high graphics games.Once again, thank you so much.

very good!!! :)

Wow!!! very nice Idea, it will be very helpfull.
I will use it now.
Greetings from Berlin.
You are a Great. I like your Idea- and Thanks for this Work.

It's good to see you around. Been wanting t thank you for all your support

Nice to know u, follback me mr. , regards @almukhyarsidiq from Indonesia


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