Steem Cartoon : Making Sun Effect on a River

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The river is particularly beautiful during the sunset where the reflection of the sun is over the surface of the river.

I have a lot of old memories of the river. When I was a kid, I always swim in the river haha. My dad always angry with me if I do that. It is risky activity!


Today I'm going to draw a river at sunset time. As usual the outline first, but very basic. We can do the detail later on.


I use 3 kinds of a brush to create the trees behind the river. I create this trees in one layer so that I can mirror it to create a reflection later on.


I mirror the trees and then I put one layer of green color on top of it. Then, I add a gradient color of yellow on the bottom part of the drawing. There we go... a reflection!


Then I put bright yellow on top of the water surface. I plan to create a sun in between that 2 trees. So super bright light on the surface of a river.


For the front drop, we going to use a dark red color. The texture is not important here because we going to make a lens flare (bright light cross over the two trees). So it's going to hide the texture anyways.



Finally, I added lens flare and some brightness and contrast setting.


Okay guys... Until next time!

See ya...



damn! I wish I had the passion for drawing scenery, bg and stuff like that T-T

thanks @akmalbastamam .If you are interested, you need to find the free time to do it

thanks for the advice, but currently I trying to learn character design. Maybe later when I'm ready ^^

what a nice scenery zomagic..beautifully done!!

awesome painting bro ..Thanks for sharing your process!👍

thanks @aurah. I follow your landscape drawings post. They are all 👍👍👍