Self drawing(re-draw): It's A Me

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Guess who was suppose to wake up early tomorrow for a thing but now doesn't have to because they're kinda sick but probably should still sleep early anyway because of sick but isn't and instead of making a steemit post!'s.. probably someone somewhere in the world you never know and I'm one of them//no Welp on to the post
progress shots.png

So yeah, this is a re-draw of myself I did back in 2011. Here the old art if you're curious:

me colured s.png

It was drawn in ms paint and shaded in GIMP! I remember my younger self being sorta proud of that old art RIP(And I think it use to be my tumblr icon when I was just starting out on that website only to leave it for ded for about 6 or so years and then revive due to growing an obsession to a certain show) But wow the way I drew myself back then is pretty different on how I draw myself now. Sometimes I contemplate doing an "evolution of how I draw myself" though the amount of times I changed my persona's design was like only twice and I didn't really draw myself much back then compared to now(though whenever I do draw myself now I can't stick to a consistent style and for some reason I draw myself in chibi form a lot so that's a thing) Even though I drew myself with a bright yellow shirt back then, I never actually owned a yellow shirt. Now I do colour the shirt under the hoodie of my current persona design light yellow(sometimes some other colours too) but I still till this day, do not own a yellow shirt. I do have yellow pyjamas so does that count//no

This re-draw is my current twitter icon but not for long-ish because I'm currently making icon(s) that I'm gonna try to make consistent throughout my other social media accounts(not really sure if I'm making sense but it's like 12am+ and I barely had sleep earlier today and being slightly sick doesn't really help my case either and I should stop with the word vomit) Now on to re-drawn art

me redraw sketch.png
me redraw lineart.png
me redraw base colour.png
me redraw icon f.png

I gotta find a consistent way to draw myself(and drawing art in general) but then again I like to experiment. In all honesty right after I did this re-draw I wanted to re-draw the re-draw(re-drawception//no) and I guess maybe I will someday! ...but not now because so much other art stuff I should work on. Whenever I draw myself I can't help but use a simple style because if I were to like fully soft shade or something it just doesn't but then again the way I draw myself already isn't that accurate on how I look on real life(I am wayyyy deadpan looking... among other meh things)

Now, on to the end of the post. That's all I have to say, thanks for check out the post and goodnight!

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Hmmm... I don't see any improvement?!!?!
j/k lol              
I think the side by side picture shows how much more you have understood about all aspects of art, the expression, pose, and colours have made leaps and bounds of improved quality.      
Good job thilahchan :).        


Alternative response: I like the old picture better////no

Thank you so much scrawly~!!!

AaaaaaAAAAA everything is so cute thilah chann VwV aaaaaaa yeah we artist dont like to draw ourselves XD
It feels so weirdd and ends up not looking like us anyways.

And MMMHPHH so much improvement 👌😫😫 yESSS MMMM mO RE beauTy. I like how the old art has too much soft shading and the new one uses hard shading.

Also btw you didnt have glasses orrr was that a mistake on your younger self orr somethin else :00


Thank you so much Maya!!! My younger self didn't know how to use soft brush properly still don't but not as bad as my younger self

And ahh I didn't start wearing glasses till I was a teen but I honestly I don't remember what year I started wearing glasses. I think at that point yeah I didn't wear glasses??? If my (bad) memory serves me correctly I started wearing them a year after I made this drawing but dfjhgkjfdsg not really sure

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Wow! Look at that go @thilah ! 7 years down the road and you have totally mastered your skills in anime! One heck of a good job I must say!

I am just trying to see the difference of base and finishings; Am I seeing that you are doing darker base colours and then do the lighter shades finish?



Thank you so much!! And ohh, well because of the layer modes I use(Overlay//Lumi & Shade) and the way I shade, the colours of the finished picture end up lighter from the base. Sometimes to avoid making them a lil' too light than they should be I make the base colours a tad darker(normally for the skin. The rest I just kinda leave them the same though most of the time I forget to do that because I am forgetful dfgjhdfkg)

Thank you again for the upvote!


Hm... interesting... I have never tried that method before... I used to shade the shadows on a totally new (but transparent) layer, but that is not usable if my brush tools are not done in 100% solid; and sometimes it is just not nice because you might have overlooked and covered something that is not supposed to be covered over. haha.

So I guess depending on how you handle your layers it will come out differently. LOL.


Mm mm definitely! Sometimes I try to experiment with how I shade/colour and most of the time the finished art's colour differs a lot from the original base coloured process

Nice drawing! 😌


You are welcome! 😉❤

its cute thilah


Thank you!

Amazing, @thilah ! You have done leaps and bounds in terms of improvements without losing your charm and your flavour <3 That expression of the smile is so endearing <3 <3 <3


Thank you so much spidey!!! I hope I'll be able to improve more in the future

Hello @thilah, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Oh my god thank you so much for stopping by my lil' post and also for the upvote! And mm mm hope to you cross paths with you again soon too~